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MD5: 90eb84ee3183b37befcc6572ee63ab1f
For System 7.0 - 7.6 - Mac OS 9
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The high-end counterpart to the entry-level paint software Color MacCheese.

Zeus does an awful lot of things that no other paint program does. This is a very brief summary of some of these things. There are no explanations here at all of what any of this means, just a rapid-fire buzzword assault designed to make graphics nuts drool.

24-bit masking: A few programs offer 8-bit gray scale masking, but only Zeus lets you use a full 24-bit mask, so you can (for example) protect just the red layer, or do amazing picture overlaying.

T-Shirt Separations: Lots of programs do 4 color CMYK separations (including Zeus), but it has been very difficult to create spot color separations, especially for more than 4 colors, such as those often used in creating T-shirts.

Negative Alpha Channel Enhancing: This innovative technique lets you push areas of the picture away from certain colors as well as toward them, increasing contrast and saturation at the same time as colorizing a picture.

Stretchy TrueType Text: Lining up and sizing text the way you want has always been hard in paint programs. With Zeus, you can put text on the document and then move it to the proper location and then stretch it to the proper size. There's no more guesswork involved. When it looks right, it is right.

Text Layer: With many documents, if you print the text at high resolution, the rest of the picture can get by with a lower resolution-perhaps 150 or 200 dpi. That's why Zeus has a text layer which remembers the text as an object, so it will print at the full printer resolution. You can go back and edit the text after typing it, too.

Blended Tolerant Color Fills: Zeus's bucket tool lets you fill or gradient fill a range of colors. Furthermore, you can configure it so that the less a color is like the color you're filling, the less it will be changed to your new color.

The Arrow Tool: This tool lets you treat your last painting operation as object-oriented, so you can resize, relocate, change color, or do anything else to an object after you've set it down. The fact that the Arrow Tool is always accessible with the Control key means that you may never have to Undo again. Warning: This feature will rapidly become extremely addictive, and you'll find yourself unable to use paint programs without it. (Our lawyers said we had to make that clear.)

Rendering Fills: This feature lets you fill an area according to the colors of the surrounding areas, instead of with some preset color. You can just sketch the outline of a picture, and let the computer fill in the middle.

Coloring Brush: Imagine a coloring book filled with black and white outlines of pictures that you'd like to color. The Paint Bucket would be great if each area was completely encircled, but that's almost never the case. And nobody's accurate enough with a brush to keep from drawing over the lines. The coloring brush keeps you inside the lines automatically. It's great-you'll see other companies imitating it soon.

Animation: In addition to great graphics programs, we write great games. Occasionally, we have small animated pictures in them. We needed a tool to help us create these animations, so Zeus does it.

Publish and Subscribe: We fully utilize System 7 features. (We'd better; we require System 7.)

QuickTime Compression: Color pictures take up tons of disk space. QuickTime lets you reduce a picture's size by a factor of 10 or more with very little image quality loss. And it's still just a PICT, so even TeachText can open it.

Thumbnails in Finder Icons: We thought this was just a cool gimmick when we put it into Zeus, but since we've seen a miniature picture of the document in its Finder icon, we've been practically unable to find things by name. This is a sure sign of an essential feature.

Although dated a full year after the first copies were sold at the January 1992 Macworld Expo, this version is numbered 0.94. The Read Me implies that the initial release was 0.9.

Delta Tao traded "some key Zeus technology" for the rights to the Dark Castle series, which Aldus had inherited from Silicon Beach but was uninterested in furthering.

Architecture: 68k


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by PowerMacZach - 2018, April 21 - 11:15pm

Neat little program. Runs well under 9.1