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X1950XT ROMs for G5

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For Mac OS X
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Throughout the early 2000's, many Mac experts & enthusiasts have found ways to hack graphics cards that were designed otherwise to work in their Macs. This is one of those.
This is a modified ROM file that allows you to use an ATi/AMD X1950XT on the PCIe enabled Late 2005 PowerMac G5. Although this card is obviously faster than the Quadro FX 4500, no official measurement has been made by Mac users to test as to how much. According to a user in this thread, it has more optimized drivers than it's 7800GTX cousin, despite the X1950XT having "only" 256MB of VRAM (the 512MB version of the card does not work with this ROM).

To make this card work properly on Tiger, you need to install the G5 X1900 driver.

Architecture: PPC

Requires a Late 2005 PowerMac G5 Quad/Dual Core (not Dual Processor) and a X1950XT card (256MB version only. The 512MB version can NOT be used and does NOT work whatsoever, at least with this ROM. Tested here:

The flashing process must be performed on a PC (unfortunately).


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by Jatoba - 2019, April 25 - 12:14pm

Assuming the ROM uploaded here is the same as the one in pm7300's post, I can personally confirm it works. And as rumored, it should kick the 7800GTX' ass, under Leopard and conditions that don't require more than 256MB VRAM.

BUT, you need a proper flashing setup. In my case, it didn't matter what flashing program or version I used (I literally tried them ALL, both under FreeDOS and Windows), the few ones that WOULD detect the card would also RUIN the ROM (most of them didn't even detect the card, or detect it properly).

The solution was to setup, on BIOS, to use a PCI/PCIe configuration, and have a SEPARATE, cheap PCI card also plugged in to help with the process of flashing the PCIe card. If you setup the BIOS to use the integrated VGA/graphics instead of PCI, then you are bound to face the same issue I did. Get dat extra, cheap-as-all-hell PCI card to help.

Even then, there was some exact flashing tool and version (or version range) I needed to use. IIRC, it was still ATIFlash, but not the latest version, and IIRC I ran it on FreeDOS, so it was likely a 16-bit version of the tool, probably one of the last 16-bit versions. 4.x or something perhaps, not sure. The reason I needed a specific version was to find one that would detect my card: I believe that was the main requirement, provided I was already in PCI/PCIe mode as I mentioned earlier (!).

I just don't use this card more often because of lack of proper support under Tiger, and Tiger is my baby, simply because of Classic, making it THE ultimate "OS 9 meets X" system. Now, if only we could hack Leopard so hard it would also support Classic... That'd be exciting. Smile (People managed to make Classic work under Server Tiger Universal, at least.)