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Worm Gobbler v1.1

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MD5: 33ba39435c7aa103500b411d9e4d9501
For Mac OS 8 - 8.1 - Mac OS 9
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This freeware application was created to remove the "Autostart 9805 worm" from zip disks, floppies, and network drives. Earlier versions were called "Early Bird". Documentation will be available at: Autostart Worm Info Archive.

Worm Gobbler is the new name of this software; the new name should prevent confusion with Early Bird, the excellent shareware reminder tool.

To use the Worm Gobbler utility:

  1. Open your QuickTime Settings control panel (If you do not have a Quicktime Settings control panel, see the section below titled "QuickTime 2.0 users".) Select the "autoplay" popup menu. Make sure "Enable CD-ROM Autoplay" is unchecked. This will help prevent the virus from spreading. Audio Autoplay is safe.
  2. Restart with Extensions off by holding down the shift key.
  3. Run the Worm Gobbler Application. It will scan for and remove the virus files.
  4. Restart. If Worm Gobbler found any virus files, be sure to mount and scan removable media. You can safely run Worm Gobbler with extensions on, since Worm Gobbler would have already deleted the evil invisible Desktop Print Spooler and Desktop Printer Spooler Extensions (Incidentally, a visible extension named Desktop Printer Spooler is legitimate).
  5. Run your favorite hard drive diagnostic software. The worm modifies information in the boot blocks of infected media. Specifically, it modifies the boot block values for the clipboard name. Run Norton Disk Doctor or Apple Disk First Aid to fix.
Architecture: 68k

MacOS 8-9