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WorldWrite 3.0

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For System 7.0 - 7.6 - Mac OS 9
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Originally developed in Tel Aviv, Israel, WorldWrite has been sold internationally since 1993 and has had success in markets such as the Middle East and Asia because of the product's ability to accommodate right-to left languages such as Hebrew and Arabic and vertical input of two-byte languages such as Chinese and Japanese.

"WorldWrite has the best language handling abilities of any word processor I've seen," said Kevin Carter, WorldWrite beta tester and software engineer for Primus in Seattle Washington. "I speak and write Japanese, but until now I had not found a word processor that would allow me to easily write vertical Japanese and left-to-right English in the same document. WorldWrite gives me this ability and a great deal more."

Excerpt: WorldSoft's press release, 09 Jan, 1996 (Wayback Machine)

You have to admire a company that dares to introduce a word processor into a crowded and contentious Mac market. WorldSoft's WorldWrite, which has been available for several years outside the United States, has some innovations but ultimately falls well short of its claim to be "the word processor for Macintosh."

The first thing you notice about WorldWrite 3.0 is its clean, uncluttered interface. Small icons in the scroll bars flip pages, switch among four magnifications, and show and hide rulers and the well-designed icon bar. Menus have been organized with care, and you can define a keyboard shortcut for any command.

WorldWrite's foreign-language skills rival those of the less user-friendly Nisus Writer; with an Apple Language Kit, WorldWrite can handle right-to-left and vertical scripts. On the other hand, it can't print envelopes, and its mail-merge function might have been state-of-the-art in 1988. Its RAM and hard drive requirements are exceeded only by Microsoft Word 6's. WorldWrite also has a distressing habit of crashing from time to time.

The Last Word

WorldWrite's well-designed interface and other strengths are appealing, but its many lapses and its unreliability are not. Unless you work with alphabets other than Roman, stick with WordPerfect or MacWrite Pro.

PROS: Clean interface; character and paragraph styles; good table tools; strong foreign-language support; master pages.

CONS: Antediluvian mail merge; many omissions; buggy.

Excerpt: Macworld review of WorldWrite 3.0 August, 1996 (Wayback Machine)

An update to v3.0.1 was mailed to registered users but has not resurfaced.

Architecture: 68k PPC

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bugmeister's picture
by bugmeister - 2016, December 14 - 5:48pm

There is a newer version which fixed some bugs and also had a Hebrew GUI which was marketed in Israel only and had copy protection via serial number.
Disclaimer: I did the Hebrew localisation for it, as well as beta test and support it.

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by xy - 2016, March 21 - 4:13pm

is a brief review and comparison with Nisus Writer.