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MD5: b15e222855a560525393fc002e8adc1e
For System 1 - 5
Guides on emulating older applications

This desk accessory offered basic file management and print spooling features.

An unfavorable review in the Washington Apple Pi Journal cited several drawbacks:

  • It does not work with Switcher, the Mac Plus or any printer except the Imagewriter.
  • On 128K Macs "you can not continue to work on your Macintosh while you are printing, but you can print files unattended." (Couldn't we always do so?)
  • Works with PFS File & Report only "if you copy the print file to a MacWrite disk and do the printing operation from the MacWrite disk."
  • "Do not use draft mode of printing with Work•n•Print."
  • "[I]t is not possible to cross between applications with a standard Macintosh," i.e., you cannot quit one application and start another while Work•n•Printing.

Version: 1.0

Architecture: 68k