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WordPerfect Works

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[www].se [ftp].se [mirror].us (4.59 MB)
MD5: 8ae49a615158f862db980d4cb81302b3
For System 6.x - Mac OS 9
This app works with: Mini vMac

Originally developed by Beagle Bros. as BeagleWorks, this was sold to WordPerfect Corp. and became WordPerfect Works. It is a suite including word processor, spreadsheet, database, draw, paint, and communications programs.

Architecture: 68k

Requires Mac Plus and System 6.05 or later


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by MCP - 2011, June 3 - 2:55pm

StuffIt Expander doesn't damage the images, it just doesn't know how to restore their resource forks when they are in .zip format. Images in Toast or DiskDup+ format don't need their resource forks for anything other than file type and creator information. This is only a problem if you try to use them with DiskCopy, which insists on knowing file type and creator info, on Mac OS 9 or earlier. I recommend Virtual DVD-ROM/CD Utility or Aladdin ShrinkWrap for mounting images of these types on the classic Mac OS. Both are available from the Garden and from the Old Mac Archive.

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by xy - 2011, June 3 - 2:16pm

MikeTom Tom, I can verify your tests. MacZIP extracts fine, Stuffit Expander 7.0.3 damages the disk images (DMG Mechanic, however, is able to repair them, and DiskCopy 6.5 will then be able ot mount).

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by MikeTomTom - 2011, June 2 - 12:43pm

@xy: I've since tested extracting this zip file with Stuffit Expander 5.5 on OS 9.2.2, both to an HFS+ drive and a FAT32 thumb drive, and also under Mac OS 7.1.1 on an HFS drive. In all cases, Stuffit Expander extracts the contents of this file incorrectly. The .dsk files all extracted as, File Type "TEXT" and are unlocked by Stuffit. Perhaps later versions of Stuffit fare better with extracting zip, but I don't trust it on a Classic system, with zip archives containing Mac files.

OTOH, MacZip correctly extracts this archive and the .dsk files are extracted as locked, and have the Creator Type "DDp+" and File Type "DDim" - being DiskDup+ or DiskDup Pro disk image files.

Also, its not so much that Disk Copy 6.3 can mount ".dsk" files here, its more the case that Disk Copy could mount them because their Creator & File Types were recognisable as being of a disk-image file type that Disk Copy can use. That is, DiskDup+ creates and names images with a suffix ".image" by default, same as Disk Copy 4.2, so the person creating those image files, had named them ".dsk" manually. - They could've been labled "WPWorks1.FRED", "WPWorks2.JOE", etc, it wouldn't have made any difference to Disk Copy as long as the Creator & File Types were correct.

I'm assuming they had been labled ".dsk" so they could be mounted externally as drive containers in an emulator running on Mac OS X or some other (than a native Classic Mac) OS. Just a guess.

Edit: Replaced 'xxx 7' by 'Mac OS 7' - IIGS User

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by xy - 2011, June 1 - 12:43pm

MikeTomTom, as a matter of fact I did extract the ZIP archive with Stufft Expander 7.0.3. I will try with MacZIP. Also, I will see what happens when extracting onto a Mac OS Extended volume. If these dsk files are DiskDup+ or DiskDup pro files it should show on my Mac since I have both installed on rebuild desktop. Thanks also for the hint that DiskCopy is able to mount dsk files. I did not know.

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by MikeTomTom - 2011, June 1 - 4:38am


After openening the ZIP archive on Mac OS 9.2.2 native (Lombard) on a FAT 32 stick, file exchange did not recognize the .dsk extension. Instead I got PC files...

It may be that the problem you encounted was caused by extracting these to a Fat32 partition. File Exchange possibly would interpret them as being DOS based. Or the zip program you used may have also done the same. e.g; I'd never use Stuffit Expander for extracting zip files because I think it can "get it wrong" when it comes to extracting some zip archives.

FWIW; I have extracted these on both a Quicksilver 2002 (Mac OS 9.2.2) and Basilisk II running Mac OS 7.1.1 - using MacZip. In each case the results were perfect. Their MD5 checksums all matched and dragging the .dsk files onto Disk Copy 6.3, mounted all of the image files ready for installing. These ".dsk" image files appear to be DiskDup+ or DiskDup Pro disk images.

I appreciated getting the included MD5 checksums with this, plus the PDF scans are also excellent.

Edit: Replaced 'xxx 7' by 'Mac OS 7' - IIGS User

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by 24bit - 2011, June 1 - 4:53pm

Thanks MCP, for this interesting addition and your beautiful work on preserving it!

xy: DiskCopy6.2 will mount .dsk without problems, support for DSK seems to have been dropped with higher versions.
BTW: WPW runs with BasiliskII and SheepShaver up to OS9.

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by MCP - 2011, May 31 - 5:55pm

You're making it way too complicated.

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by xy - 2011, May 31 - 3:04pm

I just did some research on the web. My way of treating the dsk image with SetFType does not seem to be the canoncial one. The canonical one seems to be to open dsk images with an Apple II emulator. However, for those who do not have installed such an emulator my somewhat brutal combination of SetFType and DMG Mechanic does work. After this treatment the installer worked perfectly.

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by xy - 2011, May 31 - 2:41pm

After openening the ZIP archive on Mac OS 9.2.2 native (Lombard) on a FAT 32 stick, file exchange did not recognize the .dsk extension. Instead I got PC files. So I converted the PC files with SetFType to a disc copy image. This made problems, however, such as that Disc Copy 6.5 did not finish the mounting of some of the images. Sometimes SetFType was not even able to create the Disc Copy icon. These problems occured only sometimes, which I found quite weird. However, when I run the converted image over DMG Mechanic Disc Copy was able to mount it with no problems. All DMG Mechanic does is to prepare a disk image (not only DMGs!!!) for Disc Copy which seems to mean that it repairs something.

I have a feeling that the dsk image would be okay if archived as sit or hqx instead of ZIP.

By the way, this is a great app. Much more charming than WordPerfect. The Beagle people seemed to have been real Apple folks.

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by MCP - 2011, May 31 - 12:51pm

xy, what are you using the .dsk images with? I had no problems on my Pismo with 9.2.2 nor on Mini vMac with System 6.

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by xy - 2011, May 31 - 10:26am

The dsk. images in the ZIP archive behave (sometimes but for some reason not always) corrupt on native Mac OS but can be fixed with DMG Mechanic:

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by MikeTomTom - 2011, May 30 - 1:36pm

Thanks for posting this one up, MCP. Have been looking for this for a long time now.