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WhiteCap (for OS X)

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WhiteCap458_for_OSX.sit (372.96 KB)
MD5: f8faafc575a2941fd83108f9d480fc44
For Mac OS X
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WhiteCap470.sit (541.39 KB)
MD5: 5178f5ffcf783f4ad8c3d5f20687796b
For Mac OS X
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WhiteCap_473_iTunes_pkg.sit (497.90 KB)
MD5: d2ad77fb75a11a06fbbbcbf670dbff7b
For Mac OS X
Guides on emulating older applications

Music visualizer & programmable rendering demo ~ Whitecaps are turbulent crests of waves on water. Plugin to iTunes, or run as a standalone app visualizing audio Line In or internal CD. The first download is v4.5.8 taken from the Macworld cover CD 21.04 April 2004 (but Macworld's .sitx format has been converted to .sit for our convenience). ** I recommend the 2nd download because it has more options and better rendering (tested on a MDD2003 in Tiger OS X 10.4.8).

2nd dL is version 4.7.0 , perhaps the best version for PowerPC OS X. It's missing the original wrapper and the documentation, so until that gets fixed you can copy in the documentation from v4.5.8 found on the WhiteCap for Classic page (because the v4.5.8/4.7.3 on this page require that you run their .pkg installer). I also recommend you grab the v4.0 found on the WhiteCap for Classic page, to add a bunch more 'config' programs upon this v4.7

3rd dL is version 4.7.3 , containing the newer style documentation but missing the StandAlone program. This is the actual .sitX file from soundspectrum's website. They blocked their downloads from inclusion in the InternetArchive but this particular one slipped thru their filtration; it is the only IA file I could find.


Recommended 4U by SkyCapt: install v4.7.0 , erase a bad config named "Storm Beat", introduce one Config from v4.0 named "NCC-1701", copy in 9 nice Configs found in v4.0 Extras : Ahhh The Sunsets, Bubble, Color Tube, Crystal Voyer, Firecracker, Fireworks, Out of Mind, Sky II, Wicca. The other missing Config from v4.0 "DTSD - Stormy Rainbow" now has a rendering glitch under OSX, which could be why it was removed... and, the config that had been named "Factory" is now named "WhiteCap 1.0" but v4.7 no longer animates this the first thing when launching. Lastly, there is a new option in v4.7 named "Line Boost" and it defaults to "1". To make OSX look like older versions of WhiteCap, you can set "Line Boost" to zero.

The "WhiteCap" folder in the 2nd dL can run standalone if placed anywhere, BUT to run in iTunes place the entire WhiteCap folder in your "Library/iTunes/iTunes Plug-ins" and then make an alias of its standalone app. Copy this alias to your Applications folder and launch the alias to run as standalone.

See also: G-Force for OS X, WhiteCap for Classic

Architecture: PPC

The author recommends a G3 processor or better.