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Web Site Maestro

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websitemaestro.dmg (1.61 MB)
MD5: c93b6246955afd6832422a4b651e5eb3
For Mac OS X
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Web Site Maestro is an allrounder utility for optimizing, viewing and uploading a web page. It checks your web pages for dangling tags, missing attributes and broken links.

Your original web folder - which is the folder that holds a local copy of your web site - remains untouched. It is duplicated and changes are only made to this duplicate, unless you choose otherwise.

Serial: wsm60641tb

Architecture: PPC


Bolkonskij's picture
by Bolkonskij - 2020, April 13 - 5:03pm

This is a great tool if you're coding a (retro) website on your old Mac. Thus far only used it checking for dead hyperlinks or missing closing tags in HTML and it does the job well. No need for online validators and the like ...