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WaitLess.sit (21.88 KB)
MD5: a9267dd72f9c52276a68e446b52efa96
For System 1 - 5 - System 6.x
[www].se [ftp].se [mirror].us
WaitLess_1.1.2.sit (37.89 KB)
MD5: 2270265508f551768c6281b9561da5de
For System 1 - 5 - System 6.x
This app works with: Mini vMac Mini vMac II

WaitLess is a pseudo-Control Panel DA. Do you understand what I meant? I'll tell you its great advantages to Control Panel as follows:

  1. Time taken to open the pseudo-Control Panel is much shorter than ordinary Control Panel.
  2. Size of cdev's window shown is smaller.
  3. Able to set a favorite cdev as default to be appeared first rather than General in Control Panel.
  4. Able to set a folder other than System Folder.

DL #1 is v. 1.0
DL #2 is v. 1.1.2, compatible with SSW 7.0

Architecture: 68k