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VueScan 7.6.64

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MD5: 5be9cf040ebe0082aa104debcf1082c1
For Mac OS 9 - Mac OS X
Guides on emulating older applications

VueScan is a powerful scanning program that works with most scanners to produce high-quality scans that have excellent color fidelity. It takes advantage of the advanced hardware capabilities of most scanners on the market today, and helps you do batch scanning while at the same time producing color-balanced and cropped images.

Version 7.6.64 is the last for OS 9. (11/2/03)

S/N: 113848714

USB Flatbed scanners supported:
All Epson models
Canon FB620U, FB630U, FB636U, FB1210U, N650U, N656U, D660U, N670U, N676U, N1220U, N1240U, LIDE 20, LIDE 30
HP 2100C, 2200C, 4100C, 5200C, 5300C, 6200C, 6300C, 7400C
Microtek X6USB, X12USL, 4700, 5600, 5700, 6700, 6800 (without ICE) and 8700
UMAX 3400 (some versions), 5400
Most Acer/BenQ, AGFA models

SCSI Flatbed scanners supported:
All Epson, Canon, HP, Microtek, UMAX, Linotype-Hell (except Circon), Acer/BenQ, AGFA SnapScan models
KYE ColorPage HR5
Apple Color OneScanner 600, 1200/30

FireWire Scanners supported:
All Epson, Microtek, UMAX, Linotype-Hell models
Nikon LS-4000, LS-8000
Polaroid SprintScan 120, 4000+
Minolta Scan Elite II, Scan Elite 5400, Scan Multi Pro

USB Film Scanners supported:
Nikon CoolScan IV (LS-40)
Canon FS4000
Minolta Scan Dual II, Scan Dual III, Scan Elite II, Scan Elite 5400
HP PhotoSmart S20 (Windows only)

SCSI Film Scanners supported:
Nikon LS-10, LS-20, LS-1000, LS-30, LS-2000
Minolta QuickScan 35, Scan Dual, Scan Multi, Scan Multi Pro, Scan Speed, Scan Elite
Canon FS2700, FS2710, FS4000
HP PhotoSmart
Acer/BenQ ScanWit 2720S, 2740S
Polaroid SprintScan 120, 4000, 35, 35/LE, 35+, 45
Epson FilmScan 200
Konica Qscan
Kodak RFS 2035, RFS 2035 Plus, RFS 3570

PIE Film Scanners supported:
Need to first install CyberViewX from
Pacific Image Electronics:
PrimeFilm 1800U
PrimeFilm 3600SU
PrimeFilm 1800AFL
PrimeFilm 3600PRO
PrimeFilm 2700
PrimeFilm 1800LC
PowerSlide 3600
PrimeFilm 3600PRO3
FilmScan 35
FilmScan 1800
FilmScan 3600
Kodak RFS-3600
UMAX PowerLook 180
Other OEM distributors:

Unsupported scanners:
All parallel-port models
All multifunction units (printer+scanner)
Canon FS2720, D1230, D1250, D2400, 5000F, 8000F, 9900F, LIDE 50
Epson Perfection 3170 (GT-9400)
All UMAX USB models except 3400 (some versions), 5400 and PowerLook 180
All Microtek USB models except X6USB, X12USL, 4700, 5600, 5700, 6700, 6800, 8700, FilmScan
HP 3300, 3400, 3500, 4200, 4300, 4400, 4500, 5400 and 5500
AGFA SnapScan Touch
All Lexmark, Artec, Mustek, Primax, Brother, Visioneer models

Please note that these scanners are unsupported for several reasons:
Parallel port scanners are unsupported because the commands they use are undocumented by the vendors, are extremely complex and are difficult to reverse engineer.
Most other unsupported scanners are parallel-port scanners internally, with an internal USB-parallel converter.
The Canon FS2720 is unsupported because it uses a complex USB-SCSI converter internally and requires complex firmware downloads.
The other Canon scanners aren't supported because Canon won't document the commands they use, and these commands are too complex to reverse-engineer.

Architecture: PPC (Carbonized)


mrdav's picture
by mrdav - 2012, October 13 - 2:19pm

Temporary D/L:

TataMisia's picture
by TataMisia - 2011, May 5 - 12:07pm

Everytime when you buy scanner, you have boundle CD with app to use scanner, OCR app and (sometimes) app to create and print useable things.
If not, you can download driver +app from producer sites.
It's not "must to have" app.

xy's picture
by xy - 2011, January 21 - 10:48am

VueScan for Mac OS 9 is no longer for sale:

jonnyboy's picture
by jonnyboy - 2011, January 21 - 1:52am

this download seems to still work (still available for purchase...???)

themacmeister's picture
by themacmeister - 2010, February 15 - 2:47am

I know this runs SOME USB scanners, but the overwhelming majority are SCSI/Parallel. My Canon N670U is supported well with all versions of 8.x.x on WinXP - but is definitely not supported by this version - this is not an issue, as original Canon drivers work fine (with TWAIN too).

IIGS_User's picture
by IIGS_User - 2010, February 14 - 5:33pm

If someone re-uploads this, please wrap it into .img.sit, using Disk Copy. Wink

Retrowurst's picture
by Retrowurst - 2010, February 14 - 5:27pm

Download link broken Sad