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Virtus WalkThrough Pro 2.0

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virtuswlkthr_pro_2.0.sit (8.18 MB)
MD5: cb7efc4777018126d8aefd6a8f5a32dd
For System 6.x - Mac OS 8 - 8.1
This app works with: SheepShaver, Basilisk II,

Virtual Reality software that lets you create walk-through/fly-by and distributable animations.

New Features with Virtus WalkThrough Pro 2.0 (adapted from Read Me doc):

  1. Virtus Player: This new freeware utility makes it possible for you to distribute your models to colleagues, clients, family and friends. Using Virtus Player, anyone can view (but not edit) any file created with Virtus WalkThrough, WalkThrough Pro or Virtus VR.
  2. 3-D Object Selector, 3-D Surface Selector: With these new tools, you can now select a single object or surface, respectively, in the 3-D Walk View. This method of selection makes it easier to choose a single object or surface, which makes it easier to work with complex models.
  3. Smooth Shading: This new type of shading softens edges, giving a smoother and more realistic appearance to curved objects.
  4. Magnify Tool: A magnifying glass has replaced the Zoom-In Tool, but its function is the same. To access the Zoom-Out Tool, click on the Magnify Tool and press the Option key; when you do, the plus sign (+) in the center of the Magnify Tool is replaced by a minus sign (-) and the zooming out function is activated. To perform a constrained magnification, use the Magnify Tool to drag a marquee around a designated area.
  5. Embedded Textures: A WalkThrough Pro 2.0 model with textures can now be saved with those textures stored within the file. (Remember that embedded textures can significantly increase the size of a file.) You still have the option to link the textures to the model file, a method that keeps the texture files separate from one another and from the model file. You can also save WalkThrough Pro files as Virtus VR files.
  6. Improved Printing: From WalkThrough Pro 2.0, you can now directly print the 3-D Walk View of models to which textures have been applied.
  7. Collision Detection: Having walls and other solid objects prevent the Observer from moving through them is now possible.
  8. 2-D Support for Libraries: From within WalkThrough Pro 2.0, you can open 2-D galleries, then copy and paste 2-D gallery items (windows, doors, etc.) into new WalkThrough Pro models or custom libraries that you create.
  9. Import: The Place function has been replaced by Import Trace Layer, with which you may import PICT, TIFF and 2-D DXF files to trace as templates. (Note: WalkThrough Pro 2.0 does not support 3-D DXF file imports.)
  10. Export: You can export models as 2-D DXF or 3-D DXF files. You may also export a model as a Virtus Player file. Use this new format, along with Virtus Player (see above), to freely distribute your designs to others.
  11. Movies/Snapshots: Save a recorded walk path through your model as a QuickTime movie or PICS file.
  12. Custom Credit Screens: Add a PICT and text to create a custom credit screen for each model that you save.
  13. New Textures: WalkThrough Pro 2.0 ships with hundreds of textures: Tiles, Fabrics, Woods, Bricks, Stone, Windows, Doors, Cabinet Surfaces, Carpets and more. You also get more than 100 textures created with our new Virtus texture generator.
  14. Coordinates Window: Formerly the Position Indicator in the Design Views' Tools Pad, this is now a free-floating palette.
  15. Keyboard Navigation: This is a new feature, added after the program's manuals were completed.
Architecture: 68k PPC

Requires QuickTime 2.0 (provided with install set) or later.

Note: You will be prompted during installation to choose whether you want to install Virtus WalkThrough Pro 2.0 as a 680x0 Macintosh application, a PowerPC application or a Universal application. (A Universal application will run on a 680x0 Macintosh or on a Power Macintosh.) The Installer "knows" whether you have a 680x0 Macintosh model or a Power Macintosh; you only have to tell it which of the three application types you want to install.

Special Note for Power Macintosh Users: Because of a problem with the WalkThrough Pro DXF exporting function on a Power Macintosh, Power Macintosh users must run the application in emulation mode to use "Export" (2-D or 3-D DXF) and to use 2-D DXF in the "Import Trace Layer" pop-up menu. This means that if the application was originally installed as a Power Macintosh or Universal application, DXF operations are not possible. The workaround for this is to install the application in its 680x0 version. And if you plan to work with DXF a lot, we recommend that you install the application twice -- once as a Power Macintosh application to take advantage of Power Macintosh speed, and once as a 680x0 application to make it possible to perform DXF operations.