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Microsoft Virtual PC 7.0

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VirtualPC702Inst.ZIP (18.31 MB)
MD5: 51fe0a73f192e5438e799e930cadedf7
For Mac OS X
[www].se [ftp].se [mirror].us [mirror].de (17.40 MB)
MD5: 8aa96da16ff3f8c2f456a11d4c7678fe
For Mac OS X
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VirtualPC703Upd.ZIP (16.70 MB)
MD5: 34e21abe1b26e12d856cbc04b242f953
For Mac OS X
[www].se [ftp].se [mirror].us [mirror].de (15.73 KB)
MD5: 95d8ddb25f6d3cd8f6390e9d21e73c79
For Mac OS X
[www].se [ftp].se [mirror].us [mirror].de
Virtual_PC_for_Mac_Version_7_Microsoft_Corporation_2004.iso (560.50 MB)
MD5: 94c1f95a8789e82ac4a3ea9eb932968e
For Mac OS X
[www].se [ftp].se [mirror].us [mirror].de
Virtual_PC_for_Mac_Version_7_Installation_CD_2_Microsoft_2004.iso (615.64 MB)
MD5: 0360e9bfc032ab7728942e788e1ffed6
For Mac OS X
[www].se [ftp].se [mirror].us [mirror].de
[www].se [ftp].se [mirror].us [mirror].de
Guides on emulating older applications

Virtual PC for Mac lets you run x86-PC operating systems and applications on your Mac, employing standard Mac controls and commands. Version 7.0 is the first to be released by Microsoft. Compared to version 6, which was released by Connectix, it fully supports the PowerPC 970 aka G5 processor and requires Mac OS X (Jaguar, Panther). It is the last version of Virtual PC ever to be released for the Mac. Intel-Macs are not supported by any version of Virtual PC for Mac.

This bundle contains a prepared Windows XP image for use with Virtual PC. It is OEM-activated for use with the emulated hardware of Virtual PC 7 and will not require additional online activation, similar to Windows XP recovery/restore CDs/DVDs for PCs of that time.

The bundle, Microsoft Virtual PC version 7 with Windows XP Professional, is advertised as running Windows applications, access Windows networks, use Windows-only Internet applications, and share files with Windows-based colleagues on your Mac. It gives you the flexibility to work across platforms--side by side--without changing your Mac OS, software or files. Say goodbye to compatibility issues. Virtual PC for Mac lets you have the best of both worlds.

Since Virtual PC is a fully functional x86-PC-emulator, it should run any 32-Bit PC operating system, including your own version of Windows, which then has to be activated like on any other ordinary PC. An operating system installed within the emulated environment of Virtual PC doesn't distinguish whether it is running on emulated or real hardware, it will act as if it was running on a real PC. Virtual PC has been tested to run Windows, Linux and DOS on Macs with a PowerPC G3, G4, or G5 processor.

This is the full .DMG of Virtual PC 7.0.2 for Mac OS X (first download link) and its German version (second download link). Note that Virtual PC itself is multi-language, only the bundled Windows operating system is in the specified language only.

Please note this program is now considered abandonware because Microsoft no longer supports the product. The last update for this program was released in September of 2007, which is version 7.0.3 (provided in the third download link, working for all languages). Microsoft is no longer selling the product because of Apple's switch to Intel. There is no license required.

Other Virtual PC versions (which are compatible with Mac OS 9 and earlier): 1.0b6 and 1.0fc2, 2.0 and 2.1.3, 3.0 upgrade & 3.0.3, 4.0, 5.0 and 5.0.4, and 6.0.


You do not need to burn the .DMG file to a CD, mounting both disc images should suffice to get it installed. [If you are asked to insert a CD, try mounting both images. If you can't get it installed when just mounted, try burning the images to discs and install from the CDs -- if this is the case for you, please leave a comment below.]

Tips and known issues

  1. Leopard users will want to modify VirtualPCNetworking1040.kext, to prevent it from appearing in the dock. (modified kext for version 7.0.3 in fourth link, just copy to /Library/Extensions and replace old one)
  2. Under Windows XP guests, Internet Explorer 8 does not display rendered pages correctly, instead just a blank page is shown. Enabling compatibility updates may fix this problem.
  3. For Linux guests, use vga=<mode> to set the guests screen resolution.
  4. If under a Linux guest the (wheel) mouse is not detected correctly (kernels 2.6 and newer), use the kernel parameters i8042.noloop and psmouse.proto=imps to correct wrong AUX port (/dev/psaux) detection.
  5. Linux kernel versions from 3.4.3 (17 June 2012) onward mistook the emulated IDE controller for the one included in Hyper-V and ignored the hard disk drive. This was corrected with a fix (18 September 2012) which went into kernels 3.8 (released 18 February 2013) and 3.4.36 (released 14 March 2013) and newer. However, Linux as a guest system can still be used with affected kernels by adding the kernel parameter ata_piix.prefer_ms_hyperv=0
Architecture: PPC

Bare Minimum Requirements:


snes1423's picture
by snes1423 - 2020, November 21 - 3:24pm

anyway to emulate a pentium iii at 800mhz on a 1ghz powerbook g4 12

muttztfz's picture
by muttztfz - 2020, July 13 - 1:06pm

Concerning Windows XP activation: the bundled version is not a full version and thus cannot be used to install Windows XP on a PC. CD2 cannot be booted from, instead it contains a prepared image for Virtual PC in an early stage of Windows installation, just after the initial copying of files to the (virtual) HDD is complete and the (virtual) system reboots. This is were the prepared Virtual PC Windows XP image picks up from. After starting the virtual XP (which is done by the installation process of VPC7 from CD2), the (virtual) Windows XP will configure everything for the next (virtual) restart.

(Sidenote: if you copy the intial image, before it configures everything, over to VPC6 it will also work. But I didn't check, or rather I don't remember, if it was activated or not...)

This Windows XP is an OEM version, it is OEM pre-activated. It will need to run on the correct hardware (Virtual PC 7 in this case) or else it will simply require re-activation. If I were to take this installation from the VPC hard disk image and put it on a (real) PC, it will require re-activation since it is not running on the correct OEM hardware. This is just like any other OEM version of Windows XP will act -- if I use, say, an IBM OEM version of XP on a Dell PC, it also need to be re-activated, but it will be OEM-pre-activated if I use an IBM OEM Windows XP on an IBM PC, or a Dell OEM Windows XP on a Dell PC. The VPC Windows XP is an OEM version from Microsoft specifically for the emulated hardware of the Virtual PC for Mac.

The activation process in detail requires three things to work:
1) It needs to be installed from an OEM-prepared installation CD. Specifically file setupp.ini needs to contain the correct OEM information.
2) Corresponding to the settings in setupp.ini (specific IDs from the OEM), a pre-activated WPA.DBL and WPA.BAK needs to be copied to \system32 of the Windows installation directory, typically C:\Windows.
3) The corresponding DMI strings in the BIOS. These strings need to reflect the OEM information defined in setupp.ini from the Windows XP installation CD.

If the files on the Windows installation CD fit the (in firmware encoded) DMI strings from the BIOS, the activation is valid.

I once made a slipstreamed installation CD from my Virtual PC OEM Windows XP Professional, incorporating Service Pack 2 (and one with Service Pack 3), preserving the OEM pre-activation. This version can also be used to boot from and install on any PC, but (due to the incorrect OEM information) it will then require activation, because the WPA.DBL file is for another PC.

The reverse is also true: if you use your own Windows XP installation CD, it will need activation. But you could use the setupp.ini and the WPA.DBL/.BAK from the VPC-CD2 to create your own OEM-VPC7 version of Windows XP.

For details see

This makes it very clear that simply copying the WPA.DBL/.BAK files from C:\Windows\system32 doesn't do the trick... BUT you can backup an online activation this way, if you repeat the exact same installation process (i.e. use the same Windows XP CD for installation on the same PC), then restoring those files will make this copy of Windows XP be activated again, without online activation or activation over phone.

Sadly, since VPC:Mac was discontinued, there never was an OEM Windows 7 for VPC. If you install anything newer than XP, naturally you will require to activate it. (Note that Windows Vista and 7 no longer use WPA.DBL to save the activation. Luckily there is Advanced Tokens Manager 3.5 RC5...)

spsmyth's picture
by spsmyth - 2020, April 6 - 6:27pm

You can still use smartphone activation on XP even though it's deprecated. Call the number on the screen instead of trying to activate over the 'net. If you can get SMS messages, you can activate it.

MikeTomTom's picture
by MikeTomTom - 2020, January 16 - 8:49am

@slomacuser: I was looking at this page How to bypass Windows XP activation - my *nix world when I found myself wanting to activate a fresh install of Win XP on an old box I was reactivating mid December last year...

It was an interesting read, I found similar pages to this elsewhere, but this one was fairly concise and the user comments were also interesting. Seems like it's hit and miss, maybe it would help some and not others... so YMMV.

I didn't go down this route in the end and went through the activation process via Microsoft. I was actually surprised that they still had an activation service for XP. Which was fine as it worked out OK and was easier than trying the steps I found online. Fortunately the box I was reactivating had a genuine XP code sticker on it that I could use in the activation process, as I was using an XP install disc that I got from the Web Archive.

turtlecroc's picture
by turtlecroc - 2020, January 16 - 7:59am

Windows XP doesn't normally need "activation", just a serial. It's not like Windows 7 which has to contact the Microsoft server to activate within 30 days or else some features are crippled. That is, unless MS packaged a "special" version with VPC7.

slomacuser's picture
by slomacuser - 2020, January 16 - 7:37am

Yes it requiers the 2nd CD to cpmplete the install, anyway anybody knows hot to activate windows XP? Even with original serial code from VPC7 box it needs activation ...

turtlecroc's picture
by turtlecroc - 2020, January 16 - 3:00am

@Troyd: Thanks for pointing those out--somehow i missed those images. Now the question becomes: has anyone actually used those full installer CD's, which include Windows XP, and do you actually need CD2..? Windows XP always came on a single CD, although with a second one that had diagnostics, extra drivers, etc.

I'm guessing you need both because 560 MB is on the small side, but then, 560+615 MB is much larger than any Win XP installer I've seen. Btw, I have used XP in VPC 6 and it is sluggish, so I went back to Windows 2000 which is a bit more responsive.

OpenSourceMac's picture
by OpenSourceMac - 2020, January 2 - 6:50pm

BTW if anyone has a high-powered G5 and wants to run DOS/Old Windows games/apps, this actually works a heck of a lot better with XP than it should. I got the 3D game Dungeon Keeper running on my MDD G4 and it had very few glitches and essentially worked pretty great. There are not too many older Windows/Dos apps and games that really need SSE instructions and it can be pretty useful. Just watch out for letting it go online, because this doorway does swing both ways, and really can open your Mac up to the LACK-OF-SECURITY that used to plague Windows.

Troyd's picture
by Troyd - 2020, January 2 - 12:25pm

If you look at the final two images uploaded, it is pretty clear what both disk images contain. Bear in mind that even on a final revision PowerMac G5 XP ran like a slug.

turtlecroc's picture
by turtlecroc - 2020, January 2 - 8:16am

Hmmm, the first download above is 18 MB and is supposedly the VPC7 installer. However, the fifth download is 560 MB and is... the VPC7 installer?

What's the other 542 MB of stuff??

And then there is that sixth download ("installation_CD_2"), which is another 600 MB.... That's over a GIGAbyte of stuff that's not in the first installer above. Do those big CD images include a version of Windows, or several hours worth of C-SPAN, or what?

MacTouch's picture
by MacTouch - 2018, October 26 - 3:55pm

And YW again, Mike. Wink If someone needs some help for uploading or else, just let me know, I will be very pleased... Smile

MikeTomTom's picture
by MikeTomTom - 2018, October 26 - 1:37am

Thanks again, MacTouch. I guess these CD's from the IA will mainly be of use as replacement disks for licensed owners of the XP install, like slomacuser.

MacTouch's picture
by MacTouch - 2018, October 25 - 1:25pm


Not sure, but I have looked into it. It looks like to be the installer alone. When comparing, sizes of files in the content of the app are not the same, especially for license files. I suppose they, all, are requiring a licensing key...

xksteve's picture
by xksteve - 2018, October 25 - 12:34pm

Hi slomacuser, Sorry did not spot your reply but I see others have helped so that is really cool.

On that note - I would not have been able to assist as my VPC7.0 CD is a genuine volume licence agreement version so I only have a single disk as that is all MS supplied us (us being my IT company) and you would only be able to use a VLA key not the EULA key (or at least that is what MS lead us to believe).

Hope you are sorted out now and got VPC running.

MikeTomTom's picture
by MikeTomTom - 2018, October 25 - 1:00am

Thanks, MacTouch. I see there is also a "Microsoft Licensing CD for Virtual PC 7 Mac, though I don't know if it's also required or is of any significance.

MacTouch's picture
by MacTouch - 2018, October 24 - 2:29pm

Hi Mike & thanks, I've uploaded the 2 discs... Smile

MikeTomTom's picture
by MikeTomTom - 2018, October 24 - 5:07am

@slomacuser: I hope this helps:

Virtual PC for Mac Version 7 (Installation CD 2) - via: Internet Archive.

slomacuser's picture
by slomacuser - 2018, October 23 - 4:44pm

Hi xksteve, could you please upload the second CD as mine is broken? thx


xksteve's picture
by xksteve - 2018, August 16 - 11:41am

Just as a point of interest. I had a bit of trouble getting the VPC to boot the captured cd in order to instal XP. Both the VPC 7 CD and XP were originals (For which I have licences) But as soon as I used Disc Utility to create a .cdr (CD DVD Master) disk image and captured that (Macs CD/DVD drive empty) it booted straight to the image and installed. Now it might be that my CD drive is worn out and it does make a close attempt every hour or so even though it is closed but if you have trouble try a image instead of CD - remember 8.3 naming when you save the image and it must be cdr not dmg.

XP runs ok even with my 24inch BenQ display and is as smooth as my 2009 Wintel with a 1.8 C2D and 4 gb ram so good enough to use for my needs (programming micro controllers).

Hope this helps someone.

Machine 2004 G5 2.0 DP 8gb ram 1tb HD OSX 10.5.8 (and a shed of other upgrades, well we do don't we? lol)

muttztfz's picture
by muttztfz - 2018, August 16 - 4:33am

So, here's my experience with VPC7 on a Power Mac G5, first series, running Mac OS X 10.2.8 (G5) Jaguar. Which is, of couse, totally unsupported...

First, it checks the specs and wouldn't install. The official requirements are:
Mac OS X 10.2.8, 10.3.0 or 10.4.1 or higher on a Power Mac G3 or G4.
Mac OS X 10.3.0 or 10.4.1 or higher on a Power Mac G5.

I figured it may have been by mistake, since the G5 only very early for a very short time even shipped with Jaguar (10.2.7 was the pre-installed version). But the installer actually checks that it's a) a G5 and b) 10.2.8 and refuses to continue by showing a message that at least "Mac OS 10.3" is required and that I should upgrade. Nice.

I got it to install anyway. This involved a little Terminal trickery thou, because I had to alter /System/Library/CoreServices/SystemVersion.plist...

First, I got TextEdit to be run as superuser aka "root". This is required to save SystemVersion.plist due to access rights. Changing the rights could be another way to do it, which opens other issues (like security issues...) For TextEdit to be started as superuser, the precondition is that another TextEdit isn't already running! This is because the dock cannot differenciate between the two instances of TextEdit, so neither can you! So, from, do:
sudo /Applications/

Then load /System/Library/CoreServices/SystemVersion.plist in this super-TextEdit and change
and save it, but keep TextEdit open.

Then start the installer for VirtualPC 7.0.x. After the installer shows the first page (which it does after checking the faked version), go back to TextEdit and change the version string back! IMPORTANT!

An issue on 10.2 Jaguar was that TextEdit, running as root, couldn't be closed from the dock, only from the menu (or using the keyboard shortcut Cmd+Q). BTW AFAIK this does work on 10.3 and higher.

Follow the VPC7 installation, restart the computer.
The same TextEdit/SystemVersion.plist procedure is required to get the 7.0.3 update installed.

The only painful part is that it's also needed to do the TextEdit-SystemVersion trick to get the installed VirtualPC started. Every time. Once started, again, the SystemVersion.plist should be changed back, otherwise the consequences could be... well, they are undetermined, but it could influence other programs and make them unstable should the version be left at 10.3.0.

So far I was unable to find a hack inside of VPC7 itself to disable this check - which would be the preferred way to hack this properly.

Anyway, I can confirm that VPC7 on a G5 on Jaguar does run properly... for the most part. It occasionally acts up (unexpectedly quits or glitches when interacting with the dock), but it works in a way that is usable...

os9er's picture
by os9er - 2018, July 11 - 4:11pm

For some reason the disk image in the first D/L won't mount on my OS X 10.4.11 system. When the error message comes up, it says "Device not configured". Is it a problem with the image, or a problem with my system?

EDIT: Downloaded Virtual PC 6.0 and the image of that version won't open either. Comes up with the same error. Must be my system...

WhosIt.There's picture
by WhosIt.There - 2016, March 28 - 4:35am

I just installed the 7.0.2 version on my Mac. No need to burn a CD - I just mounted the disc image, but you do have to remount the image after the computer reboots so the set-up can finish properly.

Despite the "Recommended System Requirements", it seems to work fine so far on my PowerMac G3 266MHz under Mac OS X 10.2.8 and using Windows 95.

almightyM's picture
by almightyM - 2015, April 20 - 3:52pm

Hi, i just added the german version and a premade kext for Leopard users! Smile

almightyM's picture
by almightyM - 2015, April 20 - 12:45pm

Can anyone please upload the german version of this?
I cannot find a mirror with that file in it...
Thanks in advance

greendayfan1010's picture
by greendayfan1010 - 2011, November 25 - 10:14am

I think you can put the links back online because I went to the link posted above and Virtual PC 7 does not show up anywhere.

bertyboy's picture
by bertyboy - 2011, November 19 - 7:55am

It was OK for me, dual 2.5 G5 w 8GB RAM. But I know what you mean, it was just OK, not like a real PC, and a million miles from XP in Parallels on my Mac Pro.

Bolkonskij's picture
by Bolkonskij - 2011, November 18 - 10:34pm

What is your experience regarding the emulation speed with Version 7? Windows XP runs very sluggish for me, barely usable. Since I have a high-end PowerPC G5 here now, I am curious if that's normal for VPC 7 or if I simply chose some bad settings? (assigned it plenty of RAM, picked low resolution, low color depth etc.)

turtlecroc's picture
by turtlecroc - 2011, October 11 - 2:06am

Intel-based "Macs" are not Macs at all. They're PC clones that run another OS (OSX).

IIGS_User's picture
by IIGS_User - 2010, April 1 - 5:39pm

Then I'll remove the Intel platform compatibility now. Wink

Paul Sondervan's picture
by Paul Sondervan - 2010, April 1 - 5:05pm

Virtual PC 7 has never been ported to the Intel platform.
In fact, none of the Virtual PC versions are able to run natively on an Intel based Mac.

IIGS_User's picture
by IIGS_User - 2010, April 1 - 3:26pm

Are you sure this runs on an Intel processor based Mac?

Kasm279's picture
by Kasm279 - 2010, April 1 - 6:29am

Would it be ok to upload an older (v2) version that works on OS7-9 only?

MileStones's picture
by MileStones - 2009, November 22 - 10:55am

Don't get me wrong I am just trying to help
Legal Advice: Well I would advise you to edit your comment post to it not being your legit Serial Number, that doesn't mean this isn't a backup copy of someone's property.

Since Microsoft still provides downloads and infos such as updates on Virtual PC and secondary stores still continue to sell them, its availability is still %100 profitable, hence its illegal to post property such as licenses, as the subsidiary selling license still holds... according to my infos anyway, there has never been an exact statement of classifying Virtual PC for Mac abandonware.

That doesn't mean however that in 1/2/3 years time this couldn't open up, in fact I strongly believe so.

Thanks for the info on the abandonware...

Other info: I am saying its pirated, because that exact SN has been posted everywhere on the net, most notably that you-know-which Box.

bertyboy's picture
by bertyboy - 2009, November 21 - 5:36pm

Strange I bought my copy, and I have a serial.

If it's your copy, and it's abandonware, post your serial here. M$ will be at your front door before you can call a lawyer.

bubzie5's picture
by bubzie5 - 2009, November 21 - 4:21pm

I hope this clears the confusion up. :]

bubzie5's picture
by bubzie5 - 2009, November 21 - 4:20pm

First of all. Microsoft provided these cds with a built in serial number so the user did not have to enter the serial number in. When you insert the cd it will auto activate the product. You know how Microsoft is big on keeping piracy down. This was a step they took to make sure the product does not get pirated. But to assure you this is my copy i bought from Microsoft in early 2006. Of course Microsoft no longer supports this product because of Apples Switch to intel so it is abandonware and Microsoft no longer sells the product.

MileStones's picture
by MileStones - 2009, November 21 - 9:17am

This upload has a pirated Serial Number incorporated, be aware!!