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Virex 7.x (Mac OS X)

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For Mac OS X
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Virex 7.1 for PowerPC OSX.

This version raised a number of unsatisfied clients who purchased that software and soon realized it was flawed. Virex 7.1 has a bug that prevents it to scan volumes other than the boot partition. Here is a workaround discovered many years later:

When trying to scan multiple volumes, including the startup volume, Virex does not make it past /dev/fd (a directory structure that is created when OS X is installed) and stops with uninformative error messages. If you want to scan the entire system, you can use the --exclude option as a workaround. Create a file using touch, edit in vi, and add the following path: /dev/fd. Save and exit. You can then use the command --exclude filename

-- Stuart Rich

Architecture: PPC (Carbonized)

If Virex 7.1 crashes when it automatically runs at login:

1) Open the "Login" panel, in System Preferences
2) Drag the .Virexlogin item to the top of the list of Login Items
3) Close System Preferences.