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Vintage MacBASIC Books

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Guides on emulating older applications

To the best of my knowledge, these are the only textbooks ever published about the famous but unfortunate Macintosh BASIC by Apple Computer. Books are in english language and in PDF format.

Content of the ZIP file:

Introduction to Macintosh BASIC
by Scot Kamins
Hayden Book, Hasbrouck Heights (NJ), 1984, 357 p.

The Macintosh BASIC Handbook
by Thomas Blackadar & Jonathan Kamin
SYBEX, Berkeley, 1984, ~840 p.

Using Macintosh BASIC
by Richard Norling
Osborne McGraw-Hill, Berkeley, 1985, 454 p.

This tiny collection has been uploaded with the intent to serve as the "missing manuals" for the two versions of MacBASIC already found here on the Garden. So, you will have the tools now to experiment.

MacBASIC .335 & MacBASIC 1.0

A 10-page article from Byte Magazine, with detailed description of this innovative programming language, has also been added as a complement:

"Macintosh BASIC -- A semicompiled language with tools designed to simplify the writing of code"
by Scot Kamins, BYTE, April 1984, pp. 318-330.


These files are not OS dependant. They can be read on every modern platforms with appropriate software.


Idéfix's picture
by Idéfix - 2019, January 27 - 4:35pm

It appears that the famous Dartmouth University, craddle of the BASIC language, has used MacBASIC for many years in the 80s for their programmation introductory course. Their course notes would be highly appreciated on this page if they are of good quality. Full text, no missing pages, no scribbling, etc.