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Universal NoCD AppleScript

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For Mac OS X
Guides on emulating older applications

**Updated** Version 2.0 is up. This mounts with hditutil instead of Finder and works better with ISO files that can trigger the:
"The disk image you are opening may be damaged and could damage your system." dialog that can stop everything.

Also, added a commented adjustment to allow for Classic to start for games that need it.


Here is a script I wrote years ago, that I've made a little more 'Edit-Friendly' for you all to apply to different apps and games. The example here is for the game Space Colony, but you can change the values at the top for any app or game that requires a mounted-image to work.

The Script is relative-folder-aware and will open the disk image, then the application/game (if in the same folder as both - wherever you wish), and loop in the background until you close the application/game, and then it will automatically eject the disk image. You will need both the disk image name and mounted volume name of the image, AND both the application name (remember to include .app/ if it is present in the get info pane) and the process name - as it appears in Activity Monitor when the application/game is running.

You can make an application or application-bundle out of it and assign an icon if you wish.

See Also: Adam's Ultimate NoCD Patch Kit (more advanced version).

Architecture: PPC PPC (Carbonized) x86 (Intel:Mac)

Should work in OS X 10.4-10.8.


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by Maximum R.I.S.C. - 2018, July 2 - 7:26am

P.S. Don't mind the silly date on the Header. This is forward thinking, but this didn't come back in a time machine ;0p