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Type Resolve 2.0.1

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Type_Resolve_2.0.1_Folder.sit (23.21 KB)
MD5: 3b924fd9c9d342cf6875b3a39048d050
For System 7.0 - 7.6
Guides on emulating older applications

A Stuffit v5.5 compressed application folder for this shareware / freeware disk utility.

An excerpt from the readme:
Type Resolve is a drag and drop application for Mac OS 7.x and later.

It is intended for those people who get a lot of files from non-macintosh sources and want to change their type and creator quickly and without having to think too hard.

For example, a file with the name 'dogcow.gif' could be turned into a Photoshop document of type 'GIFf' - a Compuserve GIF image - simply by dropping it on the Type Resolve icon in the Finder. Double-clicking the file would now launch Photoshop and open the file correctly.

Type Resolve can be set up to recognise different filename extensions such as .gif, .jpg, .txt, .doc and so on and map these to the correct mac file types. The creator of each file is also set to an application of your choice.

Once configured, all details of types and creators can be safely forgotten and you can use that part of your brain to remember something far more important instead…

Architecture: 68k

Mac OS 7