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True BASIC 2.5

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truebasic2.5.sit (300.46 KB)
MD5: 295ef62d42b4af0af59c7547cb33ed0e
For System 7.0 - 7.6
Guides on emulating older applications

True BASIC is a close descendent of the original incarnation of BASIC, Dartmouth BASIC.

This is a preinstalled copy of version 2.5 (1992) stuffed with StuffIt Lite 3.6.

As a note, True BASIC Silver and Gold (v5.5 for OS 9) are still available from the manufacturer's website.

Architecture: 68k


mtgmackid's picture
by mtgmackid - 2020, May 13 - 12:47pm

No problem! Enjoy =)

On a side note, if anybody reading this page has a BOXED copy of TB 2.5 that they are willing to sell, I'd love to get in touch. Looking for it for my personal collection =)

Jatoba's picture
by Jatoba - 2020, May 13 - 11:37am

Nice, thank you for giving us an input. Smile

And it is good that you posted about the versions they are still selling. People can still buy it now, and more easily see it thanks to that. This also means that if one day they just disappear or don't take orders anymore, there will be an increased likelihood that someone will have bought it and will be able to make sure the software doesn't disappear alongside the company.

It's awesome you provided a System 6/7 version, too. So thanks for that, as well. Smile

mtgmackid's picture
by mtgmackid - 2020, May 13 - 10:37am

Yeah, the price is definitely up there. I figured I should mention it in any case, I only uploaded this version as the manufacturer doesn't have a System 6/7 compatible version like 2.5 available anymore, even for purchase. This copy of TB was on my PB 160's old hard drive, I had backed it up before it crapped out.

To be honest, TB is something I've wanted to learn more but never gotten the time to do so. In terms of differences to other variants of BASIC available at the time, it is a structured programming implementation (no GO TO/line numbers) and is ANSI compliant. It's also very lightweight, that .sit archive has the libraries as well.

Jatoba's picture
by Jatoba - 2020, May 13 - 9:42am

Never heard of this variation of BASIC before. Also quite surprising they are still selling a Mac OS 9 version. 350 USD for the Gold version? Ouch... That's the price of some 2TB SSDs...

Does anyone here have any experience using True BASIC? Some insight on the tool would be interesting.