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Tricks of the Mac Game Programming Gurus

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Guides on emulating older applications

This CD accompanied the book of the same name, which was also sold in boxed form as Game Programming Kit for Macintosh. In its 861 pages, a dozen top developers contributed chapters on their areas of particular expertise:

Ingemar Ragnemalm: Your First Game; File Management; User Interaction; Game Mechanics; etc.

Jon Benton (Presage): Basic Game Graphics

Mick Foley (Maxis): Advanced Graphics

Steve Hales & Jim Nitchals: Audio

Brian Greenstone: QuickDraw 3D; PowerPC Optimization

Roy Wood (Outland) & Stuart Cheshire: Networking

Eric Johnston (LucasArts) & Douglas Grounds (Lion): Porting

john calhoun: Game Aesthetics; Glypha III Case Study

Bill Dugan (MacPlay): Macintosh Environments

The text of the book is not included on the CD, but a scanned PDF (169 MB) can be downloaded from's library of programming books.



Mu0n's picture
by Mu0n - 2019, December 3 - 1:53pm

Thanks for that procedure. I went and used the other build of Basilisk II anyway and it's less crash prone; it's nice to know if the need ever arises in the future:

my old WinNT v0.8 b142: would work fine back in the day in WindowsXP but crashes in Win7 and Win10 when you alt-tab to another Windows program - not ideal when you want to check a pdf documentation on the host computer while you use the emulator.

the new 2010-ish build: works fine under alt-tabbing, mounts the .iso properly. I left it idle with a screen saver for an hour and it did crash, but that's manageable by just saving whatever work I'm doing.

MikeTomTom's picture
by MikeTomTom - 2019, December 3 - 10:51am

Mine is v0.8 build 142

@Mu0n: This is one of the (very few) downsides of that build. It cannot mount certain .iso's correctly.

But this iso is still accessible with build 142. - How to (requires HFVExplorer 1.3.1 & The Virtual CD/DVD Utility):

Create a .HFV disk of 1GB using HFVExplorer (500MB will do but you may as well make it larger)
Unzip the .iso
Open the .HFV in HFVExplorer
Navigate in HFVExplorer to where the .iso is extracted to.
Select and drag the .iso to the name of the .HFV disk you made (in left panel of HFVExplorer).
When asked, choose "Raw copy, data fork" and uncheck "Check for AppleDouble".
Click OK and let it copy into the HFV disk (will take a while - wait until it gives back control of the menus).
Once done. Quit HFVExplorer.
Start the Basilisk II GUI and add the name of the new .hfv disk to it's list of disks
Start Basilisk II
Open the new HFV disk and lock the copied over iso (to prevent Finder modification).
Get the Virtual CD/DVD Utility to mount the iso located inside your new HFV disk

This worked for me for me, using build 142.

Jatoba's picture
by Jatoba - 2019, December 3 - 12:07am

Maybe try replacing the space characters of the ISO with underscore characters, and/or try shortening the ISO file name a bit. I have no idea if that will work, but I think it's very much worth a try.

24bit's picture
by 24bit - 2019, December 2 - 11:29pm

Never compiled anything from Christian Bauer et al myself.
Cat7 over at Emaculation compiled Build 142 from scratch again and I still like the old version.
If you do not need floppy or SCSI support, you might use a recent build as well.
As far as I can see Cat7´s build 142 does still run fine with W7 / W10 except for the non working CD-ROM driver with 64bit Windows.
As you can see, I´m still using a 2010 build from Eemaculation. Wink

Just tried BII Build 142 and did run into the same error.
Not sure why this ISO is not mounted - at least we know its not your fault!
Sorry for my misunderstanding. Smile

Mu0n's picture
by Mu0n - 2019, December 2 - 11:18pm

what version is your basilisk? I'm using a very old one, so it might be that. Mine is v0.8 build 142. Do you compiled your own or is there a binary for Windows somewhere?

24bit's picture
by 24bit - 2019, December 2 - 11:11pm

Not sure where you went astray, MuOn, but as Mike said the .ISO mounts without issues after adding the file to Settings - Volumes. The picture is from Windows 10, but things are the same with 7.
Your Volumes tab should look similar to this regarding the third item in the example:


Basilisk II Settings, Volumes

Mu0n's picture
by Mu0n - 2019, December 2 - 9:20pm

I tried redownloading it, locking it (I'm using Windows 7 on this laptop) and this is what I get, a format dialog:

MikeTomTom's picture
by MikeTomTom - 2019, December 2 - 8:26pm

MuOn, this mounts fine in Basilisk II. Steps:

Unzip and lock the .iso (to prevent Finder from modifying the image, Mac side).
Use the Basilisk II GUI app and add the .iso to the list of Volumes (disks that mount at boot time).
Start Basilisk II. The .iso should now mount on the Mac desktop.

At least, this what works for me - I just tried it.

Mu0n's picture
by Mu0n - 2019, December 2 - 7:31pm

I can't work this .iso cd image file on my modern PC. Could anyone archive its content in a gigantic .sit file instead? I've tried Basilisk II running on a PC, treating the .iso as a mounted .hfv, mounting it PC side and then trying to load it up as a CD in the emulator, burning it to a physical disk and then opening up as a CD drive in Basilisk. Nothing works so far.

Kitchen2010's picture
by Kitchen2010 - 2016, August 5 - 8:40am

There is the 68k sourcecode of the "Glypha III" included in this CD and Inside Mac Games issues starting from February 1993 to March 1995!