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Trash X - A Desktop Trashcan for Mac OS X

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MD5: 0149e3d9b9e544cbfdff4ce9392e311b
For Mac OS X
Guides on emulating older applications

Trash X is a small utility designed to emulate the classic Mac OS trashcan. Extremely simple to use, it functions just like the classic Mac OS Trashcan. It also features numerous functions for the power user.

You can use it to instantly delete or shred file and folders without sending them to the trash. You can use it to empty or shred trash only on selected disks. And of course, you can use it just like the trashcan you've always had on your desktop.

Trash X is completely safe and it requires no system hacks or Terminal command line voodoo. Place an alias or copy of it on your desktop, in your documents folder, or anywhere else you wish. COOL TIP: Put Trash X in your Finder windows toolbar to have easy access to it in any folder.

Register with the following details:

Name: SBox
Key: serialbx-897371021311

Architecture: PPC

Throws an error (-1049) when trying to launch it on 10.4.11 - probably intended for Jaguar