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Toast 3.x

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Adaptec_Toast_3.8_USB.smi_.sit (4.29 MB)
MD5: 6391e2c5422e86f7b1d361828899533b
For System 7.0 - 7.6 - Mac OS 9
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Adaptec_Toast_3.6.sit (1.24 MB)
MD5: 200c65943978b633e2b5a01d2e35389e
For System 7.0 - 7.6 - Mac OS 9
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Toast3.5.7.sit_.bin (1.72 MB)
MD5: 91ad62a5cb5d7ef7bf8d693938f17b8d
For System 7.0 - 7.6 - Mac OS 9
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toast3.5multi.sit (14.36 MB)
MD5: 514643dfc6d19d217b679d43f4e1e012
For System 7.0 - 7.6 - Mac OS 9
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toast_3.5.7_updater.sit (1.02 MB)
MD5: cec8a878bcab247d26b523c4a7b012c2
For System 7.0 - 7.6 - Mac OS 9
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Toast_CD-ROM_Pro_3.0.iso_.sit (9.40 MB)
MD5: afd52c3b83e7585206751163631e5c22
For System 7.0 - 7.6 - Mac OS 9
[www].se [ftp].se [mirror].us [mirror].de
Guides on emulating older applications

1st archive contains the installer for v. 3.8 (TAE aka Toast Audio Extractor v 1.0 included)

This special version brings support for USB drives. New CD-R drives also supported (not on the list below):

Plextor CD-R PX-R820T
Smart & Friendly CD-R6024
Yamaha 4416S

2nd archive contains the installer for v. 3.6

3rd archive includes version 3.5.7. The included "CD Reader" extension is not necessary for the making and mounting of Toast disk images, and can be left out to prevent potential conflicts with other extensions.

4th archive is the original 3.5 CD installer with three languages: english, french and german.

5th archive: Toast updater 3.5.x to 3.5.7

6th archive: Toast CD-ROM Pro 2 with English and German installer
Code on cover: TP-NC7BYA-3BC17A-DC1

This version does support images in HFS+ (Mac OS Extended) format, but only in conjunction with OS 8.1 or later. Mounting such an image in earlier OSes will result in a seemingly empty image being displayed.

Here is part of the Readme:


Bootable CDs

Starting with version 3.5.4 Toast can create bootable CDs which work with every CD-ROM drive mechanism. The restriction to Apple-branded SCSI CD-ROM drives mentioned in the manual is no longer valid. To boot from a CD hold down the "c" key right after the startup sound until the "Welcome" screen appears.


Supported CD-R Drives

Here is a list of drives supported by Adaptec Toast:

Acer CR-1420C
Acer CRW620
Artmedia RW6220BT
Caravell CD-R CDR-N820S
Creative CDR2000
DataDisc CDR-2X
DynaTek CDM-4000
Grundig CDR 100 IPW
Hightech CD-R2000
HP CD-Writer 6020
HP SureStore 4020
JVC XR-W1001
JVC XR-W2001
JVC XR-W2010
JVC XR-W2020
JVC XR-W2040
Kodak PCD Writer 200
Kodak PCD Writer 225
Kodak PCD Writer 600
Mitsubishi CDR4X12
Mitsubishi CDR4X12T
Mitsubishi CDRW226
Mitsubishi CDVR2X6
Mitsubishi CDVR4X4
Mitsubishi CDVR4X6
Mitsumi CD-R CR-240
Olympus CD-R2X4
Olympus CD-R2x6
Olympus Deltis CD-R2
Optima Diskovery 650
Optima Diskovery CD-R 1300
Panasonic CW-7501
Panasonic CW-7502
Panasonic LK-MW602
Philips CDD2000
Philips CDD2600
Philips CDD3600 CD-R/RW
Philips CDD521
Philips CDD522
Pinnacle RCD 5020
Pinnacle RCD 5040
Pinnacle RCD-1000
Pinnacle RCD-202
Pinnacle RCD4X12
Pinnacle RCD4X4
Pinnacle RCDW226
Pioneer CD-ROM Writer DW-S114X
Plasmon CDR4220
Plasmon CDR4240
Plasmon RF4100/4102
Plextor PlexWriter CD-R
Plextor PX-R24CS
Ricoh CD-RW MP6200S
Ricoh CD-RW MP6201S
Ricoh RO-1420C
Ricoh RO1060C
Ricoh RS-9200CD
Sanyo CD-R CRD-R800S
Sanyo CRD-R24S
Smart & Friendly CD Rocket
Smart & Friendly CD-R2006 Plus
Smart & Friendly CD-R4012
Smart & Friendly CD-RW 226
Smart and Friendly CD-R 2004
Smart and Friendly CD-R 2006
Sony CDU920S/921S
Sony CDU924S
Sony CDU926S
Sony CDU948S
Sony CDW-900E
Taiyo Yuden EW-50
Traxdata CDR4120
Traxdata CDRW2260
Traxdata CDRW4260
Waitec WT2036
Waitec WT4046
Waitec WT412
Wearnes Peripherals CDR-432
Wearnes Peripherals CDR-632
Yamaha CDR100
Yamaha CDR102
Yamaha CDR200
Yamaha CDR400
Yamaha CDRW2260
Yamaha CDRW4260

If you don't find your drive in this list, just run Toast to see if it recognizes your drive as one of the above. If it doesn't recognize a drive chances are that we already have a driver or a new version which supports the drive. Please contact us, or check our web site ( to see if any updaters are available.

Hardware Limitations

Direct copying of audio tracks from an Audio CD to CD-R is not supported with the following drives:
All DataDisc, JVC, Pinnacle, Teac models, Mitsubishi CDVR4X4, Mitsubishi CDR4X12, Smart & Friendly CD-R 2006 Plus, Smart & Friendly CD-RW 226, Smart & Friendly CD-R4012, Sony CDW-900E, Traxdata CDR4120, Waitec WT412.
All audio data must be extracted to hard disk first.

Audio Pause editing is supported only with the following drives:
All DataDisc, JVC, Pinnacle, Teac models, Mitsubishi CDVR4X4, Mitsubishi CDR4X12, Olympus CD-R2x6, Optima CD-R 1300, Smart & Friendly CD-R 2006 (Plus), Smart & Friendly CD-RW 226, Smart & Friendly CD-R 4006, Smart & Friendly CD-R4012, Sony CDU926, Traxdata CDR4120, Yamaha CDR200, Yamaha CDR400, Yamaha CDRW2260, Yamaha CDRW4260, Waitec WT4046, Waitec WT412

The following drives can not write Video CD, Enhanced Music CD (CD EXTRA) or CD-i formats:
Acer CR-1420C, Creative CDR2000, Plextor PX-R24CS, Ricoh RO-1060C, Ricoh RO-1420C

The DynaTek CDM4000 does not support writing CD-i. You can access the built-in Yamaha CDR100 (which does support CD-i) directly by holding down the Option key while clicking the "Search" button.

Toast CD Reader emulates fast forward/backward scan during audio playback for those drives which do not implement this feature in firmware. For drives with slow seek times the results do not sound good. Also, backward scan over track boundaries does not work properly with the Apple CD Audio Player unless scan is implemented in the drive firmware.

The following drives do not support SCSI disconnect/reselect during writing. Consequently, they do not realize most of the benefits of the RAM cache introduced in Toast 3.0.
Acer CR-1420C, JVC XR-W2010, Pinnacle RCD 5040, Plextor PX-R24CS (< v1.11), Ricoh RO-1420C (< v1.11)

The following drives do not support digital audio extraction: DataDisc CDR-2X, JVC XR-W1001, JVC XR-W2001 (v 1.x), JVC XR-W2010 (< v 1.53), Kodak PCD200, Philips CDD521, Pinnacle RCD1000 (v1.x), Pinnacle RCD5040 (< v1.53) Pinnacle RCD-202, Plasmon RF4100, Sanyo CRD-R24S, Taiyo Yuden EW-50.
Some other drives require a 68040 or PowerPC Macintosh to perform digital audio extraction.

The following drives may have problems mounting CD EXTRA titles:
All JVC models, Creative CDR2000, DataDisc CDR-2X, Hightech CD-R2000, Kodak PCD200, Philips CDD521, Pinnacle RCD202, Pinnacle RCD1000, Pinnacle RCD5020, Pinnacle RCD5040, Plasmon RF4100, Ricoh RO-1060C, Ricoh RS-9200CD, Yamaha CDR100, Yamaha CDR102.

The following drives can not mount Audio CDs which contain data in the pause preceding the first audio track (such as the Rolling Stones "Stripped" CD):
Acer CR-1420C, Creative CDR2000, DynaTek CDM4000, Grundig CDR 100 IPW, HP SureStore 4020, JVC XRW1001, Philips CDD2000, Pinnacle RCD-202, Plasmon CDR4220, Plextor PX-R24CS, Ricoh RO-1060C, Ricoh RS-9200CD, Ricoh RO-1420C, Yamaha CDR100, Yamaha CDR102

Software volume control during audio playback is not supported with the following drives:
Acer CR-1420C, Creative CDR2000, DataDisc CDR-2X, DynaTek CDM-4000, Hightech CD-R2000, JVC XR-W1001, JVC XR-W2001, JVC XR-W2010, Kodak PCD Writer 200, Kodak PCD Writer 225, Kodak PCD Writer 600, Philips CDD521, Philips CDD522, Pinnacle RCD 5020, Pinnacle RCD 5040, Pinnacle RCD-1000, Pinnacle RCD-202, Pioneer CD-ROM Writer DW-S114X, Plasmon RF4100/4102, Plextor PX-R24CS, Ricoh RO1060C, Ricoh RO-1420C, Ricoh RS-9200CD

The Sony CDW900E is write-only, i.e. it can not be used as a CD reader.

Simulation Mode is not available with these drives:
JVC XR-W1001, Kodak PCD200 (firmware 1.x), Pinnacle RCD-202, Philips CDD521 (firmware 1.x)

The following drives do not operate at single speed:
Creative CDR2000, Kodak PCD200 (firmware 1.x), Kodak PCD Writer 600, Philips CDD521 (firmware 1.x), Ricoh RO-1060C

It is not possible to reliably write more than three sessions with a Ricoh RS9200CD.

See Also: Astarte Toast 2 | Toast 4 Deluxe | Toast 5 Titanium | Toast 6 Titanium | Toast 7 Titanium | Toast 8 Titanium | Toast 9 Titanium | Toast 10 Titanium

Architecture: 68k PPC

Minimum requirements: '030 processor, Mac OS 7.0, 2MB free RAM
Recommended: '040 or PPC, Mac OS 7.5.1 or later.
Supports OS 8.1 and HFS+ format.

Here is the Reame:

Toast CD Reader

If Toast CD Reader does not load at system startup (its icon is crossed out) although your CD Recorder is turned on and correctly connected, there is probably another driver installed. To guarantee trouble-free operation we strongly recommend that you disable the offending driver.

System Compatibility Notes

Adaptec Toast has been tested on a wide range of Macintosh models running various versions of System Software. The minimum system required is a 68030-based Macintosh computer running Mac OS 7.0 with 2 MB of free RAM. We recommend using a 68040 or PowerPC-based Macintosh computer running Mac OS 7.5.1 or later. PowerBook computers which do not support SCSI Manager 4.3 are not recommended for CD Recording.

Notes for System 8.1/HFS+ Users

System 8.1 introduces the new "Mac OS Extended" or "HFS+" volume format. Toast is fully compatible with HFS+. Using the "Mac Volume" format Toast can both create HFS+ CDs and convert HFS+ volumes to HFS on the fly. To create an HFS+ CD, just select an HFS+ volume and make sure that "Optimize on-the-fly" is off. When "Optimize on-the-fly" is turned on, the volume will be converted to HFS during recording.

Notes for Mac OS 7.6 Users

Apple CD-ROM 5.3.1, which comes with Mac OS 7.6, installs a driver for most CD Recorders, even for those it cannot deal with properly. Toast will warn you that there is an "unknown driver" installed, and that some features will not be available. The "Mount CD-ROM" command will not work, multisession CDs might not mount at all, audio extraction might not work, etc. However, recording should work fine. We recommend that you install Apple CD-ROM 5.3.2 or a later version, or Mac OS 7.6.1.


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