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MD5: 863b1db6acaf36771852ac7e0daf54ac
For System 1 - 5
This app works with: Mini vMac

Engineers, scientists and financial analysts who need high-powered number-crunching can get it from a program called TK!Solver. It has the same kind of functions as a spreadsheet, but is much more flexible and powerful. Called an "equation processor," it does backsolving, iterative solving, list solving, unit conversions, tables and plots. It's even used by NASA to train astronauts.

- Arthur Naiman, MacBook

Version: TK-1(5Q)

Architecture: 68k
Important: Under Mini vMac 3.5.8 in its default Mac Plus form, the "About TK!Solver" command that contains the online help is inaccessible. The command does work properly in the 128K and 512K Mini vMacs, and on a physical Mac Plus.