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The Ugly VSTi Interface v. 1.1

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MD5: 2f0036055988f881182472e8a494d102
This app works with: Basilisk II,

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"VSTi" indicates a plug-in that is not an effect but an instrument. It may be a software synthesizer, a sampler, or some other noise maker. The Ugly VSTi Interface was created to simply provide a shell for VSTi plug-ins. It does not load VST effects and process sounds.

This means that Pro Tools users, like myself, can finally use some of those VSTi's available for free on the web. You can also run the interface just to quickly and easily try out VSTi's, even if you already have a VST-reading application like Cubase.

You need OMS 2.3.8 installed. It's free at

Architecture: PPC