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Mac System 6 Collection

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[www].se [ftp].se [mirror].us [mirror].de
System_6V2.hqx (421.64 MB)
MD5: fc68ef09e50a2162bd7f036ab4fec6e5
For System 6.x
[www].se [ftp].se [mirror].us [mirror].de (46.38 MB)
MD5: 32e42cf6da7a3aceaf0eec7ae128645c
For System 6.x
Guides on emulating older applications

This is a collection of different System 6 versions that I have found on different places and put into a toast image ready to burn to a CD.
The toast image contains System 6.0 to 6.0.8 in 32 different languages and variations, from Arabic to Yugoslavian.
Please note that I have not found all languages in all System 6 versions.

It includes the ultra-rare shipping version of US System Software 6.0.6 complete with both the System Startup and System Additions disks. Also included scans of the front and back of disks inside the hqx file.

2nd download:
Bootable English System 6 image for MiniVMac II.

If anyone finds a System 6 version that is not included in the toast image, please let me know.

Architecture: 68k

68K Macintosh capable of running System 6.


OZ1SMB's picture
by OZ1SMB - 2017, December 20 - 11:12am

I have updated my CD image, the "System_6V2.hqx" file contains everything from "System_6a5image.toast_.hqx" including "606.hqx" plus 3 more languages and more System 6 versions for some of the existing languages. See the second screenshot.
Maybe we can delete the first 2 downloads as these are included in the new image?

"" for Bootable English System 6 image for MiniVMac II is NOT included in the new image.

Nintenloup's picture
by Nintenloup - 2017, October 26 - 3:01am

Yup, I tried in edge and it worked, thanks for the help ^^

MikeTomTom's picture
by MikeTomTom - 2017, October 24 - 7:01pm

It works fine for me here.

Try: Right-click the link to bring up a dialog asking you what to do or how to save this file.

There is a known unfixed browser .hqx bug with any browser based on the Mozilla engine (e.g.; Firefox) where a .hqx file will likely corrupt if you simply left-click a .hqx file link to download from a server.

Read the comments on the BBEdit Lite 6.1.2 page regarding this bug.

OZ1SMB's picture
by OZ1SMB - 2017, October 24 - 4:07pm

Please, what version and language do you want? I can make a seperate upload from my collection of the version you want.

Nintenloup's picture
by Nintenloup - 2017, October 24 - 2:57pm

I tried it again and it still doesn't work, the first link and it's mirror don't do anything when I click on it.

MacTouch's picture
by MacTouch - 2017, October 23 - 4:41pm

Downloading file... Done.
Mounting image... Done.
Starting system... Ok.

May be the problem is on your side ?

Nintenloup's picture
by Nintenloup - 2017, October 22 - 4:11am

System_6a5image.toast_.hqx doesn't work for me. I cannot download it, am I the only one ?

Protocol 7's picture
by Protocol 7 - 2016, March 4 - 12:24am

Scans would be great. Nice to have the full package so to speak Smile

At the risk of sounding nitpicky, would you be able to image the disks using Disk Copy 4.2? It's generally preferred to use this to image floppies as it makes a raw copy of the whole disk. It's also the format Apple tended to use for distributing their system software.

blackholemac's picture
by blackholemac - 2016, February 28 - 12:23am

So it sounds like a collection completer with compatibility issues. Now that I've got 6.0.6, time to try to find 6.0.1...much harder likely. Anyone have thoughts on 6.0.1?

Protocol 7's picture
by Protocol 7 - 2016, February 27 - 8:56pm

System 6.0.6: Don't Use It

Article Created: 14 June 1991
Article Last Reviewed:
Article Last Updated:

TOPIC -----------------------------------------------------------

How come I shouldn't use System 6.0.6 on ANY Macintosh? And why should I
use System 6.0.7 only on newer Macintosh computers?

DISCUSSION -------------------------------------------------------

System 6.0.6 has compatibility problems with the new Macintosh computers.
System 6.0.6 was pulled from production and replaced by System 6.0.7. There
are a few versions of System 6.0.6 floating around that were sent out
before the software was pulled from production.

You should use System 6.0.5 (or System 7) on most Macintosh computers made
before the Macintosh Classic, Macintosh LC, and Macintosh IIsi. System
6.0.7 has features in it that only benefit newer Macintosh computers. This
does not mean that you can't use System 6.0.7 on older products, it just
means that it is not the recommended system.
Copyright 1991 Apple Computer, Inc.



This information is from the Apple Technical Information Library.

19960215 11:05:19.00

blackholemac's picture
by blackholemac - 2016, February 26 - 11:35pm

Simply because it was replaced rapidly with 6.0.7 after major bugs were discovered. I found it in the oddest place...a guy was selling 6.0.6 and 6.0.7 floppies on eBay. I authenticated and bought for mere $15.

themacmeister's picture
by themacmeister - 2016, February 26 - 6:44am

Dang, I remember 6.0.8 from my original Mac Classic... oh the nostalgia.

I remember recovering my brothers Mac Classic (my old Mac Classic once I got the LC630-Dos) with a single floppy (System Tools 6.0.8). He just had a corrupt System file...

PS. Why was US 6.0.6 so ultra-rare?!?!

Protocol 7's picture
by Protocol 7 - 2016, February 24 - 1:30pm

Thanks for 6.0.6! Been after that one for a long, long time.

MikeTomTom's picture
by MikeTomTom - 2015, April 19 - 11:35pm

@OZ1SMB: Thanks for creating the archive.

About the 403, I get the same error - its not your browser. I think that link below contains only very old external links which mostly point to a "archaic-apples" site. All of which 403.

I think that page must also be quite old, cause if you look at its source, it claims:
<META NAME="GENERATOR" CONTENT="Adobe PageMill 3.0 Mac">

Not that really means anything, after all, old obsolete software is what we're all about too Wink

OZ1SMB's picture
by OZ1SMB - 2015, April 19 - 12:49pm

I know this link but "403 Error - Forbidden".
Can you download the files or is it my browser?

fm2's picture
by fm2 - 2015, April 19 - 12:17pm