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SyQuest Utilities 4.0.1

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SyQuest Utilities 4.0.1 for use with external and internal SyQuest removable cartridges. This version is compatible with 68k and PowerPC Macs. Inside the .sit archive is a Read Me, an Installer, and a Manual (PDF). Here is some info from the documents within the file...

What is it? (From the Read Me)
The SyQuest Utilities provide the user interface for selecting SyQuest drives, customizing settings and graphically partitioning and formatting SyQuest cartridges. The SyQuest Utilities also include a highly efficient, state-of-the-art device driver tuned for maximum performance of your Macintosh computer with attached SyQuest drives.
The SyQuest Utilities will automatically load the device driver for your SyQuest drives when your Macintosh is starting up (with or without a cartridge in the drive). This device driver allows the volumes stored on your SyQuest cartridges to come and go from the desktop as cartridges are inserted and removed from the drive.

System Requirements (From the Manual PDF)

The SyQuest Utilities are fully compatible with System 7.0 and above running on 68020 and PowerPC based Macintosh computers.

In addition, the SyQuest Utilities can be used with Apple’s Classic SCSI manager or SCSI Manager 4.3.

The SyQuest Utilities will initialize and recognize cartridges in the HFS Standard and HFS Extended (when running Mac OS 8.1 and above) volume formats.

Architecture: 68k PPC


semvalidade2006's picture
by semvalidade2006 - 2017, July 30 - 8:11pm

Perfect timing. I got a Syquest unit few weeks ago.

themacmeister's picture
by themacmeister - 2015, July 9 - 10:42am

very handy...