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SuperCard 1.6.1

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This app works with: Basilisk II, Mini vMac

SuperCard is a high-level development environment that runs on Macintosh computers. It is inspired by HyperCard, but includes a richer language, a full GUI toolkit, and native color. (Color required one of several add-ons in HyperCard, from Apple or third-parties.)

However, projects can be run standalone, using a "compiler". (This is not a real compiler but combines an interpreter with the project's code.)

The programming language used by SuperCard is called SuperTalk, and is largely based on HyperTalk, the language in HyperCard. SuperTalk has many features that allow creation of rich applications. This includes functions to run OSA-based scripting languages such as AppleScript, and shell commands. The language can be extended with so-called externals, chunks of compiled code that can be called from SuperTalk.

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Architecture: 68k


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