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SuperBooter 7.5

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SuperBooter7.5gamba.sit (1.16 MB)
MD5: 69d30325a24471572baf87727878673c
For System 7.0 - 7.6
Guides on emulating older applications

SuperBooter 7.5 is an extremely useful System 7.5 boot disk (based off a heavily modified System 7.5 Disk Tools disk) with a number of utilities. I have found this bootdisk very helpful when setting up 68k Macs in particular.

Compiled by an individual who went by the pseudonym "gamba", who ran, a website popular in the early 00s that hosted a variety of useful information and downloads about vintage Macs. Sadly, gamba passed away sometime after 2003, but his website was maintained for a few years before going down for good.

DC 4.2 disk image (as originally downloaded from Gamba's site before his ftp server went offline) stuffed with StuffIt Lite 3.6. From my knowledge none of the current mirrors of Gamba's site have the image available.

Software Downloads & Notes: ResEdit 2.1.3 is used to delete selected PICT resources.

1. System 7.5 suitcase is from System 7.5 Disk Tools.

2. CD-Sunrise v2.2c extension mounts Apple and 3rd party CD_ROM drives.

3. MiniSubstitute 1.7.1 (FAT) is a freeware minifinder with limited capabilities.
It can launch applications.
It cannot open control panels after boot, but extensions and control panels will load during boot.

4. AppDisk 1.6.1 is a RAM disk application.
It is used to provide extra non-hard-drive memory space for expansion of the MicroNet Utility727r.sea file.

5. Apple Disk First Aid 7.2.2 is a utility which verifies and repairs the directory
structure of any Hierarchial File System (HFS) based storage volume.
Version 7.2.2 supports volumes larger than 4 gigabytes.

6. Disk Rejuvenator 1.0 fixes the problem where hard disks become inaccessible from the
standard "Open" dialogs, or their custom icons disappear.

7. HD SC Setup 7.3.5 (patched) formats most SCSI hard drives.
Made by patching Apple_HD_SC_Setup_7.3.5 with Apple-hd-sc-setup-735-patch.

8. MicroNet Utility 7.2.7r is a reduced size version of MicroNet Utility 7.2.7.
MicroNet Utility7.2.7r.sea is a self expanding file that must be expanded (642 KB) into the AppDisk RAM disk.
The MicroNet Utility7.2.7r.sea file is made as follows:
• Download MicroNet Utility 7.2.7, decode and unstuff the file.
• Use ResEdit 2.1.3 to delete the PICT #4001,4003,4014,4015, and 4100 resources.
• Make a self expanding archive of the file using DropStuff 4.

9. NoFinder 1.0b3 is an application that can launch the hard drives's big Finder, but
not Finders from System 6.x nor Systems 8.0 and above.
Desktop rebuilds can be done by holding COMMAND OPTION when launching the hard drive's big Finder.

10. System Picker 1.1a3 can select any System Folder on any mounted volume to
be the next boot system.

11. Free space increases to 527 KB if everything except System and Finder is deleted.

For more information about the disk, check, which is an exact copy of Gamba's original page talking about the SuperBooter. The page does have some useful things to know about using the disk.