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Super Studio Session

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MD5: 85bf3e8abfb43b3d90b662e354b03dc8
For System 6.x - Mac OS 9
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MD5: b089db49bd76a0e682eea35892f9e15d
For System 6.x - Mac OS 9
This app works with: Basilisk II, Mini vMac

Super Studio Session provides an application program, a collection of sample songs, a comprehensive phrase library excerpted from those songs for use in your own compositions, nearly 100 digitized instruments and sounds, and the dancing notes animation.

The first Download link above, is for a separate archive containing more songs and the older, "classic" versions of the songs and instruments, compatible with the version of Super Studio Session linked below.

Download Super Studio Session from here
This app is still hosted by its owners and is now freeware.
Grab the app, and many additional files, here.

Super Studio Session gives you complete composition and performance capability for your songs. The Super Studio Session Editor allows you not only to write your own music but also to play it on your Macintosh or on your home audio system. You can create and arrange pieces that range from solo to symphonic compositions by using the Editor’s eight tracks. You can also weave in any number of instrumental voices. All of the digitized sounds provided with Super Studio Session were created by recording the actual sound of more than 50 different musical instruments in a professional recording studio. You can purchase sound digitizing software so that you can create your own sounds or instruments by using a product such as SoundEdit™ by Macromedia.

Architecture: 68k

(from the "ReadMe")
Super Studio Session now works with most versions of the Macintosh System Software. In addition, Super Studio Session works with most Macintosh computers from the Macintosh Plus to the PowerBooks, Quadras, Centrises, and AV machines. However, Super Studio Session may not be compatible with all versions of PowerMacs.
2. Printing
Due to popular demand, we have added printing. This new feature is described on page 17.
3. Individual Track Volume Control
For Macintosh II's and above, we have added individual track volume control for all eight tracks of your song from ppp (very soft) to fff (very loud). This new feature is described on page 28.
4. New Features
We have added other miscellaneous new features, such as a new hierarchical Edit menu command, new keyboard equivalents for transposing octaves, and support for the new version of SSMU™ (Studio Session MIDI Utility).
5. New Versions
We have included within this package two different versions of Super Studio Session. Super Studio Session 11KHz plays instruments at 11KHz and Super Studio Session 22KHz plays instruments at 22KHz. In addition, we have redigitized all the instruments at 22KHz. If you have a Macintosh Plus, Macintosh SE, PowerBook 100, Macintosh Portable, or a Macintosh Classic (but not II) use Super Studio Session 11KHz. If you have any other machine, use Super Studio Session 22KHz.
(end of from the "ReadMe")

Runs on all 68k Macs including Basilisk II. Untested on SheepShaver.


24bit's picture
by 24bit - 2011, August 14 - 8:42pm

Many thanks for sharing and pointing to this great software.
BII-7.5 freezes, but thats probably my bad, as 7.1 and 8 are working, just like SheepShaver does.

Balrog's picture
by Balrog - 2011, January 5 - 5:17am

Please upload Smile

blargg's picture
by blargg - 2011, January 5 - 1:25am

I used to listen to the included songs and they bring back memories, but this newer version has re-recorded instruments that don't sound the same. I came across a collection of the older songs+instruments. Should I upload them? They play fine with this newer vesion, and sound exactly as my old audio tape recordings sound.