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StuffIt Lite 3.0.x

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StuffIt_Lite_3.0.7.hqx (713.26 KB)
MD5: 38660a5daff61f290b1f873d4179135e
For System 6.x - Mac OS 9

StuffIt Lite is a sleek, easy to use application that provides compression, encryption, and archiving capabilities. You can use it to compress and combine infrequently used files into archives to free up disk space. Archives can be stored on floppies for backup. For faster transmission, send StuffIt archives to your friends using your modem or over a network. Most electronic bulletin boards ask you to use StuffIt archives so everyone saves money and time when downloading your files. StuffIt Lite can help you create and manipulate StuffIt archives easily and efficiently.

Excerpt from the User's Guide Addendum file...

The version 3.0.7 provided here is a full installer.

Serial: L297000000

Architecture: 68k