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StuffIt 1.5.1

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stuffit_1.5.1.img (400.00 KB)
MD5: e27d00939c09d552ec1b5310f71726ac
For System 1 - 5 - Mac OS 9
[www].se [ftp].se [mirror].us
suffit-151-install-fldr.sit (154.81 KB)
MD5: 979217bf449230e809be531eb7d74336
For System 1 - 5 - Mac OS 9
[www].se [ftp].se [mirror].us
StuffIt_1.5.sit (54.25 KB)
MD5: 494b99eab7323b675622ad843e1326e0
For System 1 - 5 - Mac OS 9
[www].se [ftp].se [mirror].us
StuffIt_1.5d1.sit (50.54 KB)
MD5: 6c6520669c2bba572fc4c2b109c8d261
For System 1 - 5 - Mac OS 9

Utility for compressing and decompressing files. This is the final Raymond Lau shareware version before the title was acquired by Aladdin Systems Inc. Documentation and UnStuffIt 1.5 program are included.

Top DL: Installed copy of StuffIt version 1.5.1 archived as disk image file. Suitable for dragging into Mini vMac window. Also mounts OK using Disk Copy 6.3.x

2nd DL: Installer version of StuffIt 1.5.1 archived as StuffIt v1.5.1 ".sit".
MD5 checksum & filename: 979217bf449230e809be531eb7d74336 *suffit-151-install-fldr.sit

3rd DL: Installed copy of StuffIt version 1.5 archived as StuffIt v5.5 ".sit" archive.
MD5 checksum & filename: 494b99eab7323b675622ad843e1326e0 *StuffIt_1.5.sit

4th DL: Pre-release copy of StuffIt version 1.5d1 archived as StuffIt v5.5 ".sit".
MD5 checksum & filename: 6c6520669c2bba572fc4c2b109c8d261 *StuffIt_1.5d1.sit

Note: The version 1.5.1 was released as bug fixes. The previous versions archived here are not suitable for regular uses and are only here for historical purposes.

Architecture: 68k

Runs very well in most early Mac OS's up to Mac OS 9.x

Note: StuffIt Version 1.5.1 cannot open "sit" archives created by newer version of StuffIt, but newer versions of StuffIt can open and extract version 1.5.1 files OK.


SkyCapt's picture
by SkyCapt - 2019, May 23 - 5:21am

I found my notes I made about StuffIts. The dilbert_icons.sit returns without unstuffing - Error #-39 in Expander v7 thru v9 but not v6 nor v10+ but **this is only due to using the "Unix File System" not HFS.

It can be tested with a thumbdrive & Tiger OS, format the drive as Unix FS and put the .sit on it. In my notes I said about 10% of every download was failing this way on UnixFS and I logged "dilbert_icons.sit" as one example. Several other weird things in my notes, such as if I use StuffIt v6 to simply 'sniff' the .sit file, then v7-v9 no longer cause errors; then if I erase the .sit and replace the original .sit they v7-v9 go back to erroring #-39.

I find Expander v6 and less are extremely slow for my taste with CD/DVD size files, v10+ operate an order of magnitude faster. But I often use v6 because it's sooo NOT bloatware, and is self contained in one .app file uses no 'library' files. One downside, v6 fails to offset the file's dates using my Time Zone, so expanded files consistently r created/modded plus or minus 23 hrs from intended.

The Mac OSX flavor of Unix FS implements fileforks, good, but, bad, can only be operated in case-sensitive naming. The case-sensitivity causes numerous programs to fail or fault, due to authors not testing their work in case-sensitive mode, however, case is not involved in err -39. Anyway, my experience is UnixFS was riddled with its own bugs which Apple didn't fix, Apple abandoned UnixFS with Leopard whose D.U. ceases to offer it as a choice when formatting storage.

Jatoba's picture
by Jatoba - 2019, May 15 - 5:17am

@SkyCapt Hm, I dunno that much, so I can't make a good guess. But I do know I, too, have come across files 7.0.3 doesn't work with, which is when I switch to 5.5.1, and then it always works (unless the file is actually corrupted). Likewise, some things (usually newer) will unstuff with 7.0.3 but not 5.5.1.

And indeed, StuffIt was never ideal, but it's what we had back then, so it caught on. Well, and Compactor / Compact Pro, but that one came a bit late to the party and somehow didn't stick around.

On an unrelated note, just to "complete" my earlier 1.5.1 reports, one last thing I discovered is that 1.5.1 archives that surpass the 1000-file limit (which can only be created with StuffIt Deluxe 3.0.0 ~ 4.0.1) decompress just fine with all versions from 3 to 7, and even 1.5.1 itself, but it crashes Deluxe 2.0.x (and StuffIt Classic 1.6, which is basically the same, with less features) when it's about to decompress the 1000th file or so.
And, somehow, that version (2.0.x and 1.6) is also far slower to decompress than any other StuffIt version between 1.5.1 and 7.0.3. Just a side note.

MikeTomTom's picture
by MikeTomTom - 2019, May 15 - 4:35am

".sit" file Dilbert Icons won't unstuff for me with Expander v7.0.3 thru v9

Unstuffs fine for me here, using StuffIt Expander 8.0.2 (Mac OS 10.4.11 Intel)

For the past dozen or so years the Standard Edition suite has been my preferred compression/decompression go-to for Mac OS X's 10.2.x to 10.6.x (under Rosetta for the Intel chipsets). I've found it to be very reliable. I even use it in preference to StuffIt Deluxe ver. 8.0, though if we could find an updater for Deluxe 8.0, it may be a good bug-fixed choice too.

As for other X PPC versions — I wouldn't touch vers 7 (again) with a barge pole. Can't vouch for vers 9 (too happy with 8.0.2 to be bothered installing it to test).

SkyCapt's picture
by SkyCapt - 2019, May 15 - 12:54am

... bug, until version 7.0.x (tested with 7.0.3) came, which fixed the issue ...

@Jatoba, I got bug in v7 thru v9. This little ".sit" file Dilbert Icons won't unstuff for me with Expander v7.0.3 thru v9 - even tho it unstuffs with v6 & v10. I dunno which version stuffed it, maybe you'd like to verify it.

Lots o headache with StuffIt. Maybe Its for the best OSX adopted Zip over StuffIt. Now StuffIt's newest versions (by Microsmiths) are basically Bloatware.

Jatoba's picture
by Jatoba - 2019, May 14 - 6:35am

I discovered some things that are important to address. First, regarding the 5.5.1 bug:

- The bug I discovered got introduced in StuffIt Expander 4.0 / 4.0.1. Unpacking with StuffIt Deluxe 4.0 / 4.0.1's own decompression function, on the other hand, is fine, oddly. Starting with version 5.x.x (tested with 5.1.5 and 5.5.1), however, both StuffIt Expander and StuffIt Deluxe became affected with the bug, until version 7.0.x (tested with 7.0.3) came, which fixed the issue for both.

Now, regarding the limit of 1000 files per archive in StuffIt 1.5.1, 1.6 and 2.0.x, and the creation of 1.5.1 files:

- StuffIt Deluxe 4.0.1 is the last version to support the creation of 1.5.1 files.

- StuffIt Deluxe 3.0.x fixed/lifted the limit of 1000 files per archive of all earlier versions. The limit has been removed even for creating 1.5.1 archives. The resulting 1.5.1 archive also extracts from UnStuffIt 1.5.1 just fine, with no file loss or apparent damage to the files (it doesn't restore cosmetic info like window positioning, file positioning etc., unless you extract the 1.5.1 archive with a more recent version).

What we conclude from all this is (plus some extra information I obtained):

- For some versions, decompressing with StuffIt Deluxe =/= decompressing with StuffIt Expander, even when version number is identical.

- Although StuffIt Expander made its debut with version 3.0.0, UnStuffIt was also available up until version 3.0.7. Not sure what differences exist between the two tools, if any.

- Avoid using StuffIt Expander 4.0 ~ 6.5.1 and StuffIt Deluxe 5.x.x ~ 6.5.1 for decompressing 1.5.1 files (they often use a different icon saying 1.5.1, so you will often know when they are involved), since by default we don't know if they were created with StuffIt 1.5.1 rather than StuffIt Classic 1.6 or StuffIt Deluxe 2.0.x ~ 4.0.1.

- When the archive is going to contain around 1000 files or more, you can only create 1.5.1 files using StuffIt Deluxe 3.0.x ~ 4.0.1 and checking the "1.5.1" checkbox. Keep in mind, though, that the option to automatically put all files within folders into the "root" of the archive (making them MFS-friendly) has also been removed in those versions, so it would have to be done manually.

- Decompressing 1.5.1 files with UnStuffIt 1.5.1 is 100% fine, no matter what version was used to create the files.

- Compressing 1.5.1 files with StuffIt Classic 1.6 or StuffIt Deluxe 2.0.x ~ 4.0.1 instead of StuffIt 1.5.1 avoids the bug with the aforementioned StuffIt versions. (Note: DropStuff never had the option to use the 1.5.1 format.)

- Although compressing with StuffIt 1.5.1 is extremely slow, decompressing with UnStuffIt 1.5.1 seems to be about as fast as any later StuffIt decompression tool.

Jatoba's picture
by Jatoba - 2019, May 13 - 8:10pm

This version (1.5.1 from download #2) of StuffIt is particularly interesting, because it is compatible with System versions earlier than 6 (unlike any later StuffIt release), while it's also updated enough not to be plagued by bugs or feature limitations present in earlier versions (1.1.0 AKA 1.10, for instance). It is in many ways THE ideal archiving utility of the Mac ecosystem... but not in every way.

I caught an odd and hard-to-explain (and perhaps even rare?) bug when unpacking 1.5.1-created files with StuffIt 5.5.1 which doesn't occur when unpacking with StuffIt 7.0.3, so it seems to be actually a bug on 5.5.1's end (!) that later got fixed. Oddly, though, this same bug does not happen if you create a 1.5.1 file using StuffIt Deluxe 2.0.x instead (it has a special checkbox for creating 1.5.1 files), and I assume StuffIt Classic 1.6 must behave the same as 2.0.x in this regard, but I didn't try.

I'll try to describe the bug the best I can. I archived the following into a single .sit file (for testing), called "Archive.sit":
- suffit-151-install-fldr.sit -> file (download #2 here)
- 1.5.1 Note (Read Me) -> file
- UnStuffIt 1.5.1 -> file (app)
- StuffIt 1.5.1 -> file (app)
- StuffIt 1.5.1 -> folder (which itself contains two folders, "Installer", which itself contains again the download #2 file, and "StuffIt 1.5.1", which itself contains yet another copy of the other 3 items).

In other words, the package contains:
- suffit-151-install-fldr.sit
- 1.5.1 Note (Read Me)
- UnStuffIt 1.5.1
- StuffIt 1.5.1
- StuffIt 1.5.1:Installer:suffit-151-install-fldr.sit
- StuffIt 1.5.1:StuffIt1.5.1:1.5.1 Note (Read Me)
- StuffIt 1.5.1:StuffIt1.5.1:UnStuffIt 1.5.1
- StuffIt 1.5.1:StuffIt1.5.1:StuffIt 1.5.1

But unpacking this with StuffIt 5.5.1 yields the following instead:
- suffit-151-install-fldr.sit
- 1.5.1 Note (Read Me)
- UnStuffIt 1.5.1
- StuffIt 1.5.1
- StuffIt 1.5.1:Installer:suffit-151-install-fldr.sit
- StuffIt 1.5.1:suffit-151-install-fldr.sit

Meaning one of the folders got ignored and replaced with another file. The original archive isn't corrupted, though: if you use 7.0.3 to extract it afterwards, it will work fine just as it should.
Note: The first "StuffIt 1.5.1" folder got auto-renamed to "StuffIt" in both cases to avoid name conflict with the file of same name (the app).

You can try this exact experiment locally. All the files I used came from the download file #2 (suffit-151-install-fldr.sit), so it's easy to replicate.

Oh, and that aside, just like 1.6 and 2.0.x, StuffIt 1.5.1 seems to have a maximum limit of 1000 files per archive (it crashes around then). So that's one other issue to favor StuffIt 4.0.x over those.
StuffIt 1.5.1 is also MUCH slower than 1.6 and 2.0.x in creating 1.5.1 archives, particularly noticeable if you are adding many files, almost as if there was a speed cap no matter how powerful your Mac is.
Both of those issues are minor, though: for archives with less than 1000 files, those earlier versions are perfect, and if more is forced, you'll learn the archive didn't finish being made, so you'll always know when to discard it if something goes wrong. The slower speed in 1.5.1 is also not a deal breaker, especially if you are packing up less than, say, 300 files.

In short, the real dangerous issue is the first bug I mentioned. Again, 1.5.1 files are perfect for all later versions of StuffIt if made with 2.0.x or perhaps even 1.6, but your attention is required for 1.5.1-created 1.5.1 files (which is the best StuffIt option in System 5 and earlier) if you are going to unpack them with 5.5.1 in some specific cases that aren't yet fully understood. Again, not a problem if you unpack it with 7.0.3 instead of 5.5.1.