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SpeedTools ATA Hi-Cap Driver

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SpeedToolstm_ATA_Hi-Cap.dmg (8.43 MB)
For Mac OS X
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The ATA Hi-Cap Support Driver software was created to allow the use of extended capacity ATA drives (drives greater than 128 Gigabytes in size) on older (Pre-Mirrored Door) G4 and G3 Macintoshes -- including Cubes, PowerMacs, PowerBooks, iBooks eMacs and iMacs running MacOS X versions 10.2 and later.

Without this software installed, any extended capacity drive which is connected to the built-in ATA bus on older Macintosh models will be limited to only 128 Gigabytes. Later model G4's and all G5's and Intel Macs do not suffer from this limitation.

If you plan to boot your machine natively into both MacOS 9 and X, you will need to partition the drive under MacOS 9 using Intech’s Hard Disk SpeedTools (a.k.a. HDST) product which supports extended capacity drives under MacOS 9.

Architecture: PPC (Carbonized)

MacOS X v10.2 - v10.5.x "Leopard"


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by reukiodo - 2019, February 28 - 9:19am

ATA Hi-Cap Support v3.0.dmg is the oldest with the v1.0.1 installer
ATA Hi-Cap Support for MacOS X.dmg and Hi-Cap Extender.dmg have the same v1.0.4 installer app and v1.0.1 Extender app
SpeedTools ATA Hi-Cap Leopard Update Installer.dmg has the newest v1.3.1 Installer for 10.4 and older, v1.1.1 Extender, and v3.0 Installer for 10.5