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SoundSet Constructor

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MD5: 61528fe973980b73269c20c58cadbc1c
For Mac OS 8.5 - 8.6 - Mac OS 9
This app works with: SheepShaver,

Remember Mac OS 8.5? One of the differences over Mac OS 8.1 was that you could now choose a SoundSet (and Apple only ever released *one* lol) like "Platinum Sounds"... so, ever wanted to make your own system events sound set? This is exactly what this little app enables you to do.

Fill out a form with over 60 clearly identified of your own sound files (e.g.: Window opening, Window closing, etc...) and it will produce a SoundSet file that you can simply drag and drop on the System Folder and make it available in the Appearance control panel to choose from! You want Star Wars sounds all over your Mac OS 8.5 or 9 desktop? You can do it with this Smile

Architecture: PPC (Carbonized)


MadMac's picture
by MadMac - 2015, October 6 - 1:47am

nice one, ben... Wink