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Songbird_1.10.0a_macosx-ppc.dmg (22.79 MB)
For Mac OS X
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Songbird_0.5_macosx-ppc.dmg (32.42 MB)
For Mac OS X
Guides on emulating older applications

“We founded Songbird in 2006 with the vision of delivering a free and open media player that works with all modern Web services, and across the newest generation of media players and smart phones. We wanted to provide an immersive experience, so we made sure users could use the Web to find new music, discover the latest videos, listen to old favorites and experience a deeper connection to the songs they loved. Because we believe in a media experience controlled by the user, we made it easy for users to customize Songbird, select just the features they wanted, and change the interface to suit their mood. We know technology changes fast and no one wants to be locked into one device or platform for their media choices, so we continue to work to ensure Songbird works with a variety of players and phones. Which means you can get your music and video wherever you want it, the way you want it.

“Since 2006 thousands of open source developers have contributed, by writing code, adding new features, and continuing to make Songbird better. And hundreds of thousands of listeners have responded, by downloading Songbird and creating a robust, vibrant Songbird community.

“Songbird is built by a group of designers and developers that have previously worked on Winamp, Netscape Navigator, and Mozilla Firefox. We are committed to providing extraordinary experiences for users, around all forms of media, with the freedom and access that brings the coolest stuff on the web to you.

“At Songbird we're ready for the future.”


Songbird 1.10.0a:

=================================== WARNING ===================================

Congratulations, you've downloaded a nightly build!

This means you're running what we're running: cutting edge, bleeding new bits
that have no guarantee *whatsoever*. Could it trash your library? Possibly.
Could it crash in wonderful newfound ways? Definitely. Could it make your
computer do the macarena? Not likely, but if it does - we'd love to see a bug

These nightly builds are provided for:

1) Developers wanting to developer new add-ons or website integrations
using newly delivered APIs that aren't fully baked into a regular release

2) Awesome users who want to test our latest stuff to find and fix bugs
and who don't mind a little pain.

If you're running an old nightly, you can always grab the latest nightly at:

If you think you've found a bug, please ensure you can reproduce with a recent
nightly and file your bug at

Thanks for helping us test!


Songbird 0.5:

The following are new features and improvements for the Songbird 0.5 release:

* New Device API with initial MTP Device Support Add-on. We encourage you to provide
feedback on your experience with your favorite MTP device. Please see:
* Extensible Library Views now enable developers to create add-ons that add additional
library views in Songbird. (6456)
* Improved shuffle algorithm (754)
* Added Mac menu/key command support (4845)
- Hide Songbird (Command-H)
- Hide Others (Command-Option-H)
- Show All
- Preferences... (Command-,)
- Quit Songbird (Command-Q)
* Improved RSS playlists support/parsing (5774)
* Notification to let Linux users know they need to add the GStreamer plug in (6247)
* Added "source" column to downloads playlist (6356)

Songbird 0.5 introduces a Device API which allows any developer to much more easily
extend device support in Songbird. From the beginning of embarking on this project
we decided to migrate all of our own existing device support over to it in order to
allow us to maintain and support a single device codebase.

We are currently at the beginning stages of re-writing our iPod addon and until it
is ready (expected delivery is with version 0.6). Please be aware that iPod support
in the 0.5 release is known to be a bit buggy.

While we will not be officially releasing the iPod addon in our first run bundle
for 0.5 if you want to continue to use it you can obtain it on your own from: If you are upgrading from a previous version of Songbird
with the iPod addon installed you'll have the option to continue to use it.

In the interim, while we're excited by all the new features and improvements in 0.5
if you want to continue to use your iPod with Songbird we suggest you stick with
Songbird 0.4:

We expect the updated iPod addon will address several known bugs and make maintenance
for us much easier. In the meantime, we apologize for any problems you may encounter.

The following high profile bugs are known to still be open for this release:

All Platforms
* Songs with special characters are not sorted correctly (74)
* 'Edit' menu items not hooked up (2116)
* Index column width can be shrunk to cut off index values (4571)
* Audioscrobbler add-on not updated to support this release (5193)
* Need to change the HTTP accept-language tag to match locale (5437)
* [ipod] adding/removing media items and status display happen in wrong order(6294)
* Window min/max sizing does not respect DPI (6956)
* Maximise/Restore Buttons Confused (8028)
* [scrapper] Media scans occur and show % Found even on non-media sites (8037)

Windows Specific
* [QT] erratic playback for protected aac (m4p) files (do not use nsITimer) (2361)
* Auto hide task bar is not maximized when SB is maximized (6116)
* QuickTime add-on does not play Fairplay files with a Flash file in the mainwin (7263)
* [vlc] Play of remote files where connection is dropped causes hang (7874)
* [ipod] Multiple Fairplay warning dialog boxes (7913)
* [mtp] Can't drag and drop media items from OS to device (7975)
* [win][linux] Maximize icon displays always, even when is should be minimize (8031)
* [mtp] metadata for existing media items are off (8068)
* [mtp] [device] [crash] songbird crashes when device is unplugged while busy (8130)
* [mtp] Adding files from Songbird Library to Device Playlist causes error (8148)
Workaround: We highly recommend using tracks already in the device library for
modifying device playlists, rather than moving files directly from the Songbird
Library into a device playlist.

Linux Specific
* Text cut-off in library, etc, when fonts are in large DPI mode (2496)
* No way to have system-wide install (can only install to a single user) (3679)
* Can't play Songs from .htaccess password protected apache directory (5011)
* Restarting app too quickly after quitting causes a "app is still running dialog" (6671)
* Drag & Drop of folder of media onto app no working (6792)
* [win][linux] Maximize icon displays always, even when is should be minimize (8031)
* [iPod] 3rd Gen Nano will not unmount/eject (8069)

MacOSX Specific
* [QT] erratic playback for protected aac (m4p) files (do not use nsITimer) (2361)
* "Cheezy Video Window" cannot be hidden or resized (4706)
* Most keyboard shortcuts unavailable on OS X (5409)
* [mac][ipod] iTunes can interfere with mount of iPod in Songbird (6946)
* QuickTime add-on does not play Fairplay files with a Flash file in the main win (7263)
* [mac][ppc] Load of double byte languages (Chinese, Japanese, etc) getting a parsing error (8177)

The following development documentation is available:

* Display Panes Documentation
* Webpage API Documentation
* Add-on API Documentation


For more details, visit Bugzilla at:

Architecture: PPC x86 (Intel:Mac)

Songbird 0.5: OS X 10.4+ PPC

Songbird 1.10.0a: OS X 10.5 PPC