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Songbird_1.10.0a_macosx-ppc.dmg (22.79 MB)
For Mac OS X
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Songbird_0.5_macosx-ppc.dmg (32.42 MB)
For Mac OS X
This app works with: QEMU

Notice: If you find/have version 0.6.1 for Mac PowerPC, please kindly upload it here. It is the last version officially released for PowerPC Macs. (Despite 1.10.0a already being here, which is more recent, but not official.)

We founded Songbird in 2006 with the vision of delivering a free and open media player that works with all modern Web services, and across the newest generation of media players and smart phones. We wanted to provide an immersive experience, so we made sure users could use the Web to find new music, discover the latest videos, listen to old favorites and experience a deeper connection to the songs they loved. Because we believe in a media experience controlled by the user, we made it easy for users to customize Songbird, select just the features they wanted, and change the interface to suit their mood. We know technology changes fast and no one wants to be locked into one device or platform for their media choices, so we continue to work to ensure Songbird works with a variety of players and phones. Which means you can get your music and video wherever you want it, the way you want it.

Since 2006 thousands of open source developers have contributed, by writing code, adding new features, and continuing to make Songbird better. And hundreds of thousands of listeners have responded, by downloading Songbird and creating a robust, vibrant Songbird community.

Songbird is built by a group of designers and developers that have previously worked on Winamp, Netscape Navigator, and Mozilla Firefox. We are committed to providing extraordinary experiences for users, around all forms of media, with the freedom and access that brings the coolest stuff on the web to you.

At Songbird we're ready for the future.

Songbird is a discontinued, Mozilla Gecko-based music player originally released in early 2006 with the stated mission "to incubate Songbird, the first Web player, to catalyze and champion a diverse, open Media Web".

More information, including version history, can be found on Wikipedia.

The following developer documentation is available

Architecture: PPC

Mac OS X 10.4+ PPC Binary