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smIRCle101a25.sit_.bin (608.50 KB)
For System 7.0 - 7.6 - Mac OS 9
Guides on emulating older applications

From Tucows:

smIRCle is an easy-to-use IRC chat client.

It's a simple application that lets you participate in real-time chats over the Internet. smIRCle is loosely based on the sources of ircle 1.5.1 written by Olaf Titz back in 1990-92.

See also: Ircle

Architecture: PPC

Any Macintosh or compatible computer with a 68020 or better processor running system version 7.1 or above. A 68000-based system like a Mac+ will not work. On systems lower than 7.5 you need to install the DragLib if you want to use drag-and-drop and the ThreadsLib and OpenTransport to enjoy the version control system (all available from

smIRCle needs about 800KB for the 68K and about 900KB for the PPC version. Without virtual memory, the PPC version needs about 1.1MB, more if you are on a lot of channels at the same time.

AppleGuide should be installed if you want to use the help system. To be able to use hyperlinks to web-pages, the internet-config system should be installed (it is automatically on system 8.5 and higher).