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Skidmarks GT

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For Mac OS X
Guides on emulating older applications

Apple made this little CPU benchmark utility and they included it in the Developer Tools for OS X PPC. It was removed from the tools during the intel cpu switchover episode even though new releases of OS X continued to support PowerPC for four more years.

The motif is auto racing tied to CPU performance : Skidmarks is burning rubber, GT means Gran Turismo a race name, the icon is a checkered finish line flag - you get the idea.

It makes a nifty profiler to see whether the G4's AltiVec unit is enabled or disabled. Run the small test and if AltiVec hardware is off or absent, then the "Vec" result box is blank. Functioning AltiVec provides a Vec number.

Results are typically one tenth the CPU speed, hence the 158 in the screenshot is from my 1583 MHz G4 7455B. When CPU caches are disabled, the score will fall drastically and may become super sensitive to other hardware like RAM and video DMA. There are detailed subtest results if requested, seen in the 2nd screenshot here and the column headings labeled "(us)" must be a shorthand abbreviation for "micro seconds". It is neato how the last column is in percentage units meaning the 158 score of my 1583 MHz CPU is the average percentage (158% better than 1.0 GHz) in a set of several tests.

Architecture: PPC

For PowerPC and its CPUs.
download contains 2 versions: 3.0.0 from 2003 (Panther) and 4.0.1 from 2005 (Tiger).
Runs in Jaguar and Leopard too.