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ScummVM for OS 9

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MD5: d25799eacb65021ffc46da38588d5d7f
For Mac OS 9
Guides on emulating older applications

Many do not know there was actually a rather short-lived Mac OS 9 version of ScummVM, the popular adventure game interpreter.

This is version 0.20. If someone should have a later version of it, please upload! ScummVM was alpha quality software by that time, at best. The .sit comes with the source code and project files, so if you want to poke around in CodeWarrior or pick up the work and bring us an updated ScummVM for OS 9 - go ahead. Wink

Supported games according to the readme:

There is also some experimental support for games like Full Throttle and The Dig.

Architecture: PPC


dr.zeissler's picture
by dr.zeissler - 2020, November 16 - 9:47pm

I still have some problems finding the correct or best version for that old scummvm-version.
Some games have no sound at all, some are missing the digisounds/speech. Sad

dr.zeissler's picture
by dr.zeissler - 2020, April 29 - 11:27pm

any idea why i can hear no music in zak (fm-towns) in scummvm 0.2 under os9?

dr.zeissler's picture
by dr.zeissler - 2020, April 29 - 5:17pm

Guys we are talking OS9 here Smile

scott Praed's picture
by scott Praed - 2020, April 1 - 7:11am

Scummvm has fixed the PPC bug. They have released version 2.1.2 for PPC. This is fixed now.

scott Praed's picture
by scott Praed - 2020, February 20 - 11:46pm

This update from scummvm I found out. intel SDL 2.0 or SDL 1.2 don't work on safari 4.0.3 The OS X ppc have been drop by scummvm. The new version required mac os x 10.7 intel x64 and mac os x 10.5 intel x32.
For a list of changes since the previous version, read the release notes. This version Scummvm 2.1.1 and last version ox x PPC is 2.1.0 but that version don't work on PPC but work in intel mac in mac os x 10.6 with Rosette. Here is Forum about Scummvm 2.1.0 and it don't work on PPC.
The PPC version becomes harder to generate with each release, at least for me, and I almost didn't make one for this release. The only system I have to test it is a Mac OS X 10.6 intel iMac, which means it uses Rosetta to run the PPC executable. This is far from ideal. This latest release works properly for me (and I do have the icon), but I am not really surprised that others have issue with it.

The Last os x PPC worker version 2.0.0. Year 12-09-2017.

ScummVM 2.1.1 is also available in the software repositories of many GNU/Linux distributions.

• Windows Installer (32 and 64 bit) (37.4M Win32 .exe mirrorlist sha256)
• Windows zipfile (64 bit) (24.8M .zip mirrorlist sha256)
• Windows zipfile (32 bit) (23.7M .zip mirrorlist sha256)
• macOS 10.7+ 64 bits with Sparkle Disk Image (24.4M .dmg mirrorlist sha256)
• Mac OS X 10.5+ intel 32 bits (without Sparkle) Disk Image (21.5M .dmg mirrorlist sha256)
• PlayStation3 package (32.7M .zip mirrorlist sha256)
• PSP (PlayStation Portable) package (25M .zip mirrorlist sha256)
• PlayStation Vita package (20.6M .vpk mirrorlist sha256)
• Android package at Google Play Store  
• Android ARM package (29.3M .apk mirrorlist sha256)
• Android ARMv7a package (29.1M .apk mirrorlist sha256)
• Android ARM64v8a package (29.5M .apk mirrorlist sha256)
• Android x86 32bit package (31M .apk mirrorlist sha256)
• Android x86 64bit package (30.3M .apk mirrorlist sha256)
• iOS 8+ package .deb (30.7M .deb mirrorlist sha256)
• iOS 8+ package .ipa (30.8M .ipa mirrorlist sha256)
• iOS 3+ package .deb (21.3M .deb mirrorlist sha256)
• Maemo package (OS 2008 and Maemo5/Fremantle) (18M .deb mirrorlist sha256)
• Dreamcast plain files (27.8M .tar.bz2 mirrorlist sha256)
• Dreamcast Nero Image & Demos (48.7M .zip mirrorlist sha256)
• Nintendo 3DS package (48.5M .zip mirrorlist sha256)
• Nintendo Switch package (26.6M .zip mirrorlist sha256)
• GCW-Zero package (15.6M .opk mirrorlist sha256)
• Haiku package 32bits (26M .hpkg mirrorlist sha256)
• Haiku package 64bits (26.9M .hpkg mirrorlist sha256)
• AmigaOS 4 package (29.1M .lha mirrorlist sha256)
• RISC OS package (22.3M .zip mirrorlist sha256)
• Atari/FreeMiNT package (m68000 and up) (17.8M .zip mirrorlist sha256)
• Atari/FreeMiNT package (m68020 - m68060) (17.2M .zip mirrorlist sha256)
• Atari/FreeMiNT package (Coldfire MCF5475 / Firebee) (17.9M .zip mirrorlist sha256)
• Samsung TV package (2009 series)  

dr.zeissler's picture
by dr.zeissler - 2020, February 20 - 6:47pm

Would be a great thing if a mac could get an os7/8/9 scummvm port featuring the 68k mac-versions of the classic sierra adventures that had that ugly 32bit quickdraw bug.