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For Mac OS 9
Guides on emulating older applications

Save a BNDL gets the Finder to recognize changes in a file's BNDL resource without requiring rebuilding the Desktop Database or rebooting. It only runs under System 7.0 and later.

A file's BNDL resource controls what icon the Finder uses for the file and what other kinds of files can be dragged & dropped onto it. The Finder keeps a copy of this information in the Desktop Database, so if a file's BNDL changes, the copy will be out of date.

One way to update the Finder is to reboot with the cmd & option keys down, rebuilding the entire Desktop Database. This can be very slow, especially for large hard drives. In addition, rebuilding the Desktop Database doesn't always produce the desired results. If there are multiple copies of a file around - one of their BNDLs will be used, possibly not the one you want.

Save a BNDL gives you control over the Desktop Database: If you want a certain copy of an application file to be the one providing the icons and being the one that is launched when you open (double click) a document with the app's creator, then simply drag it onto Save A BNDL and you're set.