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Sacred and Secular: The Aerial Photography of Marilyn Bridges

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One of the few women aerial photographers in the world, Marilyn Bridges flies at altitudes as low as three hundred feet to maintain her "intimacy with the landscape". She reveals the power and beauty of ceremonial spaces created by ancient peoples as well as the imprints of modernity: tank tracks across Peru's Nazca Plain and putting greens overlay Native American earthworks. Sacred and Secular is infused with the artist's belief that the Earth is alive and that the way we treat it is the way we treat ourselves. Zoom into and pan around the richly textured surfaces of one hundred spectacular black-and-white images. They can also be accessed via an interactive timeline or map, with text about the culture and landscape of each of the six geographical areas covered - Egypt, Mexico, Peru, the United States, Greece, and the United Kingdom. Five guided tours link the photographs thematically, with audio commentary from Bridges, and a Meet the Artist section explains her vision and methodology, in flight and in the darkroom. An invaluable archeological record, Sacred and Secular also documents an extraordinary talent. (From the CD box)

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