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Ricochet Modem Scripts

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- Mac OS 9
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Two Modem Scripts for Ricochet modems (both for the original 28kbps and the new 128kbps modems). Modem Scripts are used with "Apple Remote Access" (ARA 2.0, 2.1), "Open Transport/PPP" (OT/PPP) and Remote Access 3.x. Download here (6 KB). It is free.
The advantages of these scripts over the Ricochet script provided by Apple are:

*The 128k version sets the serial port to maximum speed, which is 230400 bps.
*Disconnect (hangup) is faster
*The 28k version can even reset the modem at the beginning of a call when it is still online from a previous connection (which can happen if your computer had crashes and was hard-reset). This could probably work in the 128k script, too, but I did not find the time to implement and test that yet. Let me know if you need that feature for the new modem, too.

Architecture: 68k PPC