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For Mac OS X
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Simulates vinyl phonograph record players. Feed any high tech precision music file to it, get all those audiopathic imperfections we supposedly crave. Control levels of "Distortion", "Skip", and "Noise" independently using sliders in preferences. For those who don't know, the Record spins around while the needle's arm moves inward.

This "distortion" variable refers to imperfections in speed, aka warble, caused by slippage of mechanical belts or motor voltage etc.

Additional controls: in-app volume control use keys 1-9,0 loudest. Pause/resume (simulated power loss) click mouse on metal lever lower left of turntable. RPM adjust click and hold down mouse button on roller upper left of turntable, then drag mouse up to make faster or drag down to get slower. Both fine and coarse RPM changes can be made. The rate at which the simulated record (normally) rotates appears properly synced with about real 33+1/3 or 45 RPM. Jump to any playback position on the record by clicking the mouse on the player's needle (stylus) then dragging it up or down, or by single-clicking in where you want the needle to go.

Architecture: PPC


SkyCapt's picture
by SkyCapt - 2019, July 14 - 1:14pm

This software will revolutionize the music industry, by killing the vinyl record revival movement, a second time around, the way digital audio killed it the first time, I predict.