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RAMDisk+ v3.2.4

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For System 6.x - System 7.0 - 7.6
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RamDisk+ is a system INIT (Control Panel) that allows you to set aside some portion of the memory inside of your Macintosh computer and use it as though it were a file storage device such as a floppy disk or a SCSI hard disk.

The reason for using such a mechanism is to gain the very high speed file access that a RAMdisk affords you, or simply to have more on line storage. For those users without a hard disk, the speed gained over a floppy disk is dramatic, and for those who have only on floppy disk drive, the use of a RAMdisk is almost essential.

RamDisk+ has been written to automate as much as possible the start up of the Macintosh when an internal RAM disk is desired. All controls of the program are remembered, so that once set, the INIT will run quickly each time you start your Macintosh with no user interaction required.

— Excerpt from enclosed "ReadMe" doc.

Architecture: 68k

All 68k and PPC Macs running Mac OS versions 6 - 7.

Not suitable for emulators.