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QuicKeys 2.1.2

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quickeys_2.1.2.sit (856.40 KB)
MD5: e6e8b5009683522e394af4f057701524
For System 6.x - System 7.0 - 7.6
This app works with: Mini vMac Mini vMac II

QuicKeys 2.1.2a, the venerable keyboard macro control panel. The install diskettes for this version have been uploaded and packaged as Disk Copy 4.2 disk images (Australian version).

Architecture: 68k

It is recommended that MultiFinder (System 6.0.4-6.0.8) users increase the available RAM to the Finder from 160K to 240K.

With this newer version, it is no longer feasible to run QuicKeys on a floppy disk based system.


Kitchen2010's picture
by Kitchen2010 - 2013, September 16 - 11:50am

Works for me now, too. Probably some redistribution delay at the Amazon server once again.

mrdav's picture
by mrdav - 2013, September 16 - 8:55am

Works OK for me.

Kitchen2010's picture
by Kitchen2010 - 2013, September 16 - 8:48am

Please check download link, it seems to be not working for me Sad