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Quicken 2000 Deluxe

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For Mac OS 8 - 8.1 - Mac OS 9
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Quicken 2000 makes it even easier for you to organize your finances, with enhancements that improve on its already easy-to-use interface. Quicken 2000 is designed to make your work faster and give you more information than ever, in a format that is useful, efficient, and smart.

Here's what you can do with it:

  • Get the big picture

    Quicken Insights brings together reports, graphs, and helpful suggestions based on your own financial data so you can see the big picture. If you have Internet access Insights also delivers up-to-date Web resources to help you to make more informed financial decisions.

  • Download more quotes

    Now you can keep better track of your portfolio’s value and monitor historical trends. Using the new historical quotes feature, you can download up to five years of stock and mutual fund quotes from the Web.

  • Access more investment data

    You can stay informed of late-breaking news and research on the stocks you follow by taking advantage of current news and research from

  • Research investment opportunities

    Want to take advantage of the power of the market but need guidance on how to make smarter investment choices? Quicken helps you gather, all in one place, the informa- tion you need to evaluate and decide how to invest your money.

  • Reduce your mortgage

    Quicken can help you save money by assisting you in comparing mortgage interest rates online. You can also search for credit card and bank interest rates.

  • Find answers fast

    Go online and use QuickAnswers calculators to try out different scenarios for your personal financial situation, whether it's investments or retirement, banking and credit, saving and spending, taxes or life events.

  • Save more time

    A redesigned interface makes managing your finances faster and easier than ever. This new design brings together commonly used commands, making it easier for you to find your favorite features. And you can customize Quicken to fit your needs.

  • Pay bills and bank online

    Online banking is the quick, convenient, way to pay your bills and manage your accounts. With improved transaction matching capabilities in Quicken, you can more accurately categorize transactions downloaded from your participating financial institution.

  • Access more financial institutions

    With Quicken Deluxe 2000, you can connect to more financial institutions, including
    hundreds of small community banks, credit unions, and Canadian banks.

  • File taxes online

    Filing online is a faster and easier way to file your tax return. Quicken Deluxe 2000 includes free electronic filing (via mail-in rebate) of one Federal return using Intuit’s WebTurboTax electronic filing Web site.

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