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QuickBooks Pro 4.0

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QuickBooksr_Pro_4.0_CD.toast_.sit (29.86 MB)
MD5: e109811a13747e824121e5c641c77b83
For System 7.0 - 7.6 - Mac OS 8 - 8.1
Guides on emulating older applications

America's #1 best-selling accounting software; recommended most by accountants. QuickBooks is the fastest, easiest way to manage your business. Guaranteed.

Customizes itself to your business

Speeds bill paying and invoicing

Creates customizable invoices and statements

Tracks accounts receivable and accounts payable

Offers powerful, customizable reporting

Includes integrated payroll (U.S. only)

Tracks checking accounts and purchase orders

QuickBooks Pro has all the features of QuickBooks plus...

Creates estimates for smarter bidding

Tracks time

Automates job costing

Architecture: 68k PPC

Required: System 7.0 or higher and 8MB RAM
Recommended: 68040-25Mhz processor or faster, including IIfx, IIvx, IIci, Centris, LC III, LC 520 or higher, Performa 450 or higher, or any Quadra or Power Macintosh machine
Hard disk with 22MB free disk space
Supports 12-inch or larger black and white monitor, or 13-inch or larger color monitor with 640x480 resolution or better. Also supports PowerBook displays
Works with any printer supported by system 7.0 or higher