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Quartz Debug

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- Mac OS X
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This is v2.1.3 year 2007 highest version for Tiger and a Universal Binary. Quartz Debug is a tool that began in 2001 for troubleshooting a GPU assisted video generator, that being "Quartz Extreme" was Apple's name for this GPU assisted compositing technology.

Quartz Debug comes supplied with the Xcode Developer Tools, this version (2.1.3) the highest for Tiger was extracted using Pacifist from the Xcode 2.5 Packages/Packages/TigerPerformanceTools.pkg for convenience and avoiding the performance drains associated with the full Dev install.

One thing, you can use this app to Disable Beam Sync in Tiger all 10.4.n when you launch Quartz Debug, then choose its option to disable Beam Sync, and then FORCE Quit instead of properly quit Quartz Debug. After that, the new Beam Sync setting even survives being rebooted in all OS X 10.4.n

Architecture: PPC x86 (Intel:Mac)

UB for OS X Tiger, maybe Leopard.