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QuarkXPress - EFIColor Process

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qxp-eficolor-33.sit (1.19 MB)
MD5: 8d5865d405dade398a7b9cdafbffa4bb
For System 7.0 - 7.6 - Mac OS 9
[www].se [ftp].se [mirror].us
This app works with: SheepShaver, Basilisk II,

EFIColor Process system for QuarkXPress 3.3 to 3.32r5, for 68k and PPC Macintosh.

The archive contains separate Disk Copy images for Macintosh 68k and PPC versions of QuarkXPress. Use the appropriate image file for your system. Either image file can be mounted on desktop using Disk Copy 6.1.2 or newer.
MD5 checksum & archive name: 8d5865d405dade398a7b9cdafbffa4bb *qxp-eficolor-33.sit

Once mounted on desktop:

  1. Drag "EfiColor Processor" into your System Folder, It stays at the root level of the System Folder. That is; it is not an Extension or a Control Panel and QuarkXPress will look for it in the System Folder only.
  2. Drag the folder "EfiColor DB" into your QuarkXPress folder (same folder as your QuarkXPress program resides).
  3. Drag "EfiColor XTension Help" into your QuarkXPress folder (same folder as your QuarkXPress program resides).
  4. Drag the "EfiColor XTension" into your QuarkXPress's "Xtensions" folder.

Reboot your Macintosh. Once rebooted, start up QuarkXPress, it will ask where your "EfiColor DB" now resides. Nav to locate, once located, this process will then be available to QuarkXpress.

See Also: EfiColor XTension & Process for QuarkXpress 3.2 (68k).

Architecture: 68k PPC

Works in versions 3.3 to 3.32 of QuarkXPress. Runs on Mac OS 7.0 to at least 9.0.4 (thanks for testing, ndtronerud)


lilliputian's picture
by lilliputian - 2011, September 5 - 7:16pm

Tested and works with QuarkXPress 3.31 (68k). Also, I'm currently running it in Sheepshaver with Mac OS 9.0.4.