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QuarkXPress 8

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MD5: 92177f0e1bec5b4a61fc3c31dbc6dc07
For Mac OS X
Guides on emulating older applications

QuarkXPress 8 offers an updated user interface and a host of new features. Box and Bézier tools are more intuitive and importing content is easier. The Design Grid and Hanging Character features bring high-end typography to your layouts. The universal file format lets you open and edit a project created in any current or previous language edition of QuarkXPress. Item Styles, Item Find/Change, and the Guides palette help you to work smarter. Quark Interactive DesignerTM lets you create SWF output with no coding required. You can even import native Adobe Illustrator files.

QuarkXPress 8 delivers superior design power through a new, intuitive interface developed purposefully for the creation of high-end page layout and includes new features such as built-in print, Web and Flash® authoring tools, advanced typography control, and global publishing capabilities. QuarkXPress 8 also offers users an enhanced design experience so they can work faster and smarter by quickly and easily accessing the tools they need. The new, intuitive interface delivers updates that allow for more design with fewer clicks.

For example:

The main archive contains a Hybrid image with a multi-language installer inside it.
MD5 Checksum & Filename: 92177f0e1bec5b4a61fc3c31dbc6dc07 *

Validation code for full install (no time-limit):


This code is not absolutely required during installation process (but can be entered later).

Architecture: PPC (Carbonized) x86 (Intel:Mac) x86 (Windows)

QuarkXPress 8.02 system requirements:

Note: On recent versions of Mac OS X, the installation should fail because Adobe Flash Player 9 is included but system blocked (error script). The main software will be installed after all.


MikeTomTom's picture
by MikeTomTom - 2019, October 6 - 10:09pm

@kandyflip: five characters as the last part of version 8 serials are typical for QXP 8.

What may perhaps be an issue is that the given # is for version 8.0 and not 8.02
I don't know if that is a problem but it may or may not be.

kandyflip's picture
by kandyflip - 2019, October 6 - 1:00pm

Is the Validation code provided correct? it only has five characters in the last part

MikeTomTom's picture
by MikeTomTom - 2019, October 2 - 3:55am

@PBP: Sorry to hear it fails for you. I don't have an answer, but Franky may call in later with a better response regarding QXP 8.02.

Would you be able to add version 7.31 to our archives? It's missing from the sequence of QXP versions here and we may be able to get it working. Thanks, should you be able to help.

PBP's picture
by PBP - 2019, October 2 - 2:07am

QuarkXPress 8.02 Passport freezes on launch after install and then crashes - no error message. I have QuarkXPress 6.5 Passport installed as well - I have my own old hard copy - it works but wanted a more recent version. Tried a hard copy install from EBay of QuarkXPress 7.31 with Validation Code in package, but unable to launch QuarkXPress 7.31 after install - hangs/freezes and crashes - "due to a missing or damaged color management component. Reinstall the application. [1000]", QuarkXPress 7.31 on an Apple OS 10.5.8 Power Mac G5 PPC processor.

davisdelo's picture
by davisdelo - 2019, June 19 - 2:08pm

Just installed and tested it on my G5 10.5.8. Works like a charm.

Franky233's picture
by Franky233 - 2019, June 19 - 1:30pm

YW! Yep, it is very merveilleux. Wink A version can hide another. Smile The 7th is still missing. Never mind, now, someone has found an alternative for the 6.1 update I see. And you have this one if you want to replace the 6th at least. Wink

MikeTomTom's picture
by MikeTomTom - 2019, June 19 - 12:08pm

Super, merci beaucoup, ms. Franky, c'est très awesome. I haven't the time to try it out just yet, but gee, the page looks great.