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Psych Out

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Psych-out.sit (502.78 KB)
MD5: 01d365cb01540b1444a67d3d25dc600b
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This is a very interesting demoscene (not a screensaver) written for the Mac. It is quite cool looking, and is set to a catchy Amiga MOD tune. I know next to nothing about it's origins, so if anybody has any idea about it please let me know. I did get the text "2.0.1, Copyright 1994-95 MDM, Inc.
©Multi Digital Media, Inc." from the file info, but that doesn't say much and I've been wondering about this little app for years. Thanks! Smile

Alternative DL: Mediafire

Note: You can also import images, if I recall.

UPDATE: Someone on another site was very helpful, and identified the chiptune. It's LFF by 4mat.


Does not run correctly in SheepShaver, for me.


Jatoba's picture
by Jatoba - 2019, May 13 - 9:13pm

Oh, to my knowledge, the one you uploaded here is the full version already. The demo version of it, which is different from what is uploaded here, is what I found in the "Multimedia" folder of the AMUG DVD (also available here in the Garden).

I also never appreciated demoscene until I saw Pyromania Redux, uploaded here. That sparked my interest in the whole thing, and took me down into a neverending Rabbit Hole. A pretty cool Rabbit Hole. It honestly made me consider writing my own Mac (9.2.2 and earlier) demoscene demo for sometime in the future (years from now), and there's a lot of Mac demoscene code available from other "sceners" for reference, which is pretty rad.

Your experience with "Psyche out" sounds a lot like what was my case with "SolidNirvana", a Hisashi Oda demo of incredible and ever-entertaining beauty, which left a huge impression on me as a kid and became a must-have Mac app for me, as well. (I found it again with all my demo searching, so I'll upload that one again, too. Very soon.)

compyislife's picture
by compyislife - 2019, May 13 - 10:53am

Wow, this is intense for me. When I was still in preschool, someone in our household very important to me use to browse BBSs and other similar online services a lot, and we ended up with a plethora (more than the average Steam user) of cool stuff that made me who I am, as these stories often go. Most of this stuff was either somewhat well known, or I've spent a lot of my adulthood thus far trying to track down whatever it was, and I've found the majority, even though I couldn't read yet during a lot of that time. Psych Out was a big deal to me, for reasons I still don't understand, and since I still had no idea what it was or where it came from, I posted it here, and on MediaFire. At that age, I didn't appreciate what a demoscene was, but it's a boyhood dream of mine to find to full version someday. The fact that other people are interested is fantastic news, and I thank you very, very much. (By the way, I've had this on every capable Mac I've owned since the 90s, and I've never had any virus-related problems.)

Jatoba's picture
by Jatoba - 2019, April 26 - 4:10pm

I found this demo on the AMUG DVD today, in the Multimedia folder, by pure chance. Rather, a demo of the demo, literally. Seems like the full version of the demo was retail software. Shock

There's a ReadMe there that contains a bit more of info on this demo. It'll all be uploaded here eventually.

SkyCapt's picture
by SkyCapt - 2019, April 25 - 9:00am

"compyislife" only linked here what someone else (possibly) had put up on mediafire, the garden's internal dL was just recently installed here.

Jatoba's picture
by Jatoba - 2019, April 24 - 11:00pm

By the way, I wonder where the original uploader of this (compyislife) even found this demo. I looked everywhere I could, and I didn't even see a trace of its existence, so I'm curious.

SkyCapt's picture
by SkyCapt - 2019, April 24 - 6:57am

@Jatoba : greets, until now I thought this page description's "*Download link fixed!*" meant somebody verified malware & repaired the dL but I see the revision history says that text was entered prior to my comment, so forget that idea. I intend to inspect the file(s) both stuffed and unstuffed with my mac, but I'm too busy atm. Probably right = false positive for malware, all those years ago, on a borrowed windozer system. (unless the Linked file really has changed, at this time?)

Jatoba's picture
by Jatoba - 2019, April 24 - 2:21am

@SkyCapt It seems to work fine on my OS 9 machine, so far without causing any damage. I downloaded and backed up this .sit file while using Windows 7, as well, also no problems so far. Well, I'll comment here again if anything happens. If anyone can inspect this file with antiviruses on both Classic Mac and Windows, that'd be reassuring.

Edit: Inspecting this and the files within with the latest OS 9 Norton AntiVirus with the 2007 (or so) definitions revealed there was nothing wrong that it could detect.

I ended up researching demoscene demos, intros, effects etc. a lot the past 3 days (each day entirely), and one thing I learned is that false-positives are common because of techniques used in demos to keep file sizes extremely small (like some compression tricks), which antiviruses find suspicious (rightfully so). Not sure what error you saw, but it was probably a false-positive. Both my Mac and Windows machines still remain perfectly fine.

SkyCapt's picture
by SkyCapt - 2017, February 16 - 11:25pm

Just dloaded this and windose #10 freaked out with virus detection which I never see elsewhere. Doesnt seem worth the risk of opening it. Hippie Deadheads always gettin targeted for harrassment. No other titles attributed to MDM not found.