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Programmer's Key 1.4.2

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For System 6.x
Guides on emulating older applications

Programmer's Key is an INIT/extension that lets you restart or break into MacsBug from the keyboard. It is useful if your Mac doesn't have a "Programmer's Switch", or the CPU is out of reach.

To Interrupt: Hold down the Command key and hit the PowerKey.
To Reset: Hold down the Control key (or tab)- and hit the PowerKey.
To Restart: Hold down the Command key and Shift key - and hit the PowerKey.
To ShutDown: Hold down the Command-Shift-Option keys - and hit the PowerKey.

If no powerkey is available - use the "Tilde" (~) key instead.

I think this will be useful, especially for those using very old Macs such as a Mac Plus or an SE, and who are interested in hacking vintage software. I have seen a physical programmer's switch priced on ebay for as much as $50, so I guess they are getting scarce. Also, I had some trouble tracking this down, even though it is still out there, and you can find it in PD collections.

There was no ReadMe file accompanying my copy of the software, so I constructed one from available information. If anyone finds a ReadMe written by the author, please replace mine with that one.

Architecture: 68k

This version (1.4.2) works with System 6.0.8, whereas version 1.0 (which you can find bundled on the TMON 2.8.1 disk found here) will not. I have only ever tried this on System 6. It will not be useful on later systems and Macs for which the Cmd-PowerOn invocation of the debugger is built into the system.