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foxPEP - The Firefox Partitioned Engine Patch

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For Mac OS X
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The Firefox Partitioned Engine Patch, or foxPEP, is a finely tuned all-in-one parameters patch designed exclusively for Firefox-based browsers that leverages advanced rendering methods, lifts all limitations for increased server connections in tandem, and amplifies the user's privacy while simultaneously hardening browsing security.

The official thread (plus details) here:




Architecture: PPC x86 (Intel:Mac) x86 (Windows)


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by z970 - 2020, February 3 - 5:48am

The Firefox Partitioned Engine Patch has been updated to 1.7, hot off the press.

1.7 is a bugfix, performance, and fluidity update. Therefore, changes should be felt in all three aforementioned areas.

For the best experience, installing with a fresh profile is recommended.

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by z970 - 2020, January 13 - 8:09am

PowerUOC VI is ready, with a fresh coat of paint AND now boasting 95% to 100% compatibility with most Mozilla browsers across architectures! It should now work flawlessly on everything from a 400 MHz PowerPC G3 w/ Arctic Fox 27.9.16, all the way to a 4 GHz 28 core Xeon workstation w/ Firefox 72.

Enter PowerPEP, PowerUOC completely rebuilt from the ground up, designed to place an emphasis on only the essentials, while covering all the accoutrements via four specialized "engines", each one curated to churn out the absolute best delivery of their specialized departments.

And that's not even to mention the new additions included!

Needless to say, this is the most secure, compatible, and performant release ever made. Take it to town on every machine and OS you've got, and if you're impressed, tell everyone about it!

Let's make browsing faster, together!

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by z970 - 2020, January 9 - 7:53pm

Honoured to be of service, sir. Smile

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by OpenSourceMac - 2019, December 29 - 10:14am

SHOCKING how much difference this made. LOVE IT. OWN IT.

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by z970 - 2019, December 4 - 1:34am

PowerUOC V is out, in correspondence with the release of TFF FPR17.

Alongside the usual improvements, PowerUOC now officially supports vanilla Firefox (including Quantum), Arctic Fox, and Pale Moon on Windows, Linux, and higher OS X. Though, support for 10.8+ and Windows 10 is offered as is.

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by z970 - 2019, November 24 - 7:07pm

Version IV revision 2 is out.

This one fixes a couple of things, further improves scrolling smoothness, and improves video playback.

More in the Changelog.

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by z970 - 2019, November 22 - 3:23pm

Number IV is here!

This release brings tidal waves of improvements to privacy, security, and performance. Namely when playing video, or rendering large amounts of images at once.

(More details in the Changelog.)

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by z970 - 2019, November 11 - 3:03am

Version 3 is out!

Buckle your seatbelts; further speed improvements have been made to page loading, page scrolling, and UI responsiveness. Smile

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by z970 - 2019, November 8 - 12:43am

PowerUOC has been updated to version 2.

This update improves speed, fixes bugs, and hardens privacy + security. More details can be found in the Changelog.

Get it while it's hot!