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PowerPC Wallpapers

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Guides on emulating older applications

I have decided to move this here from the MacRumors PowerPC forum due to the cramped upload limits there.

This is a page to make or find custom wallpapers for our artful machines and pin them here under differing categories, so that they can be shared with everyone and the rest of the world. Smile

The base idea is that since most of these Macs had creative, sometimes artsy cases and housings, we should gather up just as unique, equally fitting pictures for their desktops. An interior to mesh with the exterior. The right brain joining with the left.

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Categories / Content (Revision 9.6.19):

General PowerPC - 2 Wallpapers

Power Mac G3 - 3 Wallpapers

Power Mac G4 - 2 Wallpapers

Power Mac G5 - 3 Wallpapers

iMac G4 - 1 Wallpaper

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Please contribute by adding tasteful machine-oriented wallpapers into the corresponding zip files. Thank you.

Architecture: PPC